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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simple Things

As you all know I am a soppy sentimentalist and when I  saw this little posy of pink carnations yesterday, I couldn't help but bring them home. Now they were not the showiest or the prettiest in the florist but they were always my dear Nana's favourite and they bring her close to me...

I also had a little wander down memory lane as I continue to Spring clean. I  think I have kept every card ever given to me and I made the difficult  (for me) decision to recycle the ones that didn't hold sentiment for me. But I  had to read them all as I went and needless to say...couldn't part with those from hubby, the children and expressions of dear friends kindness....

I am very proud of  what I did discard however. I am still beavering away in my sewing cave....headway is being made slowly. 
There is something about living in a space 7ft x 16ft for a month that makes you realise what you actually need to make you happy....NOT that I  will ever be a minimalist as I am positive "bower bird" is in my DNA but it did make me want to declutter just a tad..

A little stitching has been happening....a bit of secret stuff.

And I worked on my redwork last night during the footy...
Brilliant game and our Broncos are off to the Grand Final. ..first time in 9 years Yay!!!
I am really happy to have hung my "Bluebird Wisdom" quilt up for Spring also.
I love this cheery quilt, bringing my feathered friends inside with me. 

I wish you all a lovely weekend.  I'm off to the library and then back to sorting the cave.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx


  1. sounds like you are doing a great job of destashing.
    I think I have the bower bird gene too.
    Carnations were my nana's favourites too. Lovely that you can have these little reminders of her.

  2. Destashing sounds like a great idea, good luck with that. Love all your little projects !

  3. I really need to destash the whole house! Lovely stitching Michelle (as always). You have a lovely weekend too. xx

  4. You are certainly doing well with your spring cleaning. I think I tend to stop and read things, travel down memory lane and save things more than actually decluttering. Funny, I plan to do the same today afterr some basic housework. Your secret sewing is looking great. Do I see wool or felt? Have a wonerful weekend.

  5. Hi Michelle,yes i have been slowly having a spring clean as well,think i just go around in circles,i hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

  6. Pretty carnations, Michelle......we can't have them in the house as our cat eats the heads off them, and we are left with a vase of stalks! A spring clean and declutter is a good idea, I plan to do that when we come home from our holiday.

  7. Love carnations. Another of my favourite flowers. 😊. Need a good declutter here trouble is a lot of it isn't mine, belongs to the kids. Hugs, xx

  8. Carnations were a favourite of my mum and she had quite a few growing in the garden of my childhood home. I know what you mean about discarding sentimental things like's hard! I'm working on decluttering my linen cupboard at the moment...far too many towels and sheet out they go to the charity bin.

  9. Coming home from a holiday always seems to make me have a clean out. Maybe I should holiday more often?

    1. You are doing very well with your spring clean Michelle, but I'm with you - too much of a bower bird

  10. Well done with the decluttering - it is hard, isn't it?
    Carnations are so pretty, and I love that vase too, and your bluebird quilt is just the right touch for Spring! Somebody around here has a Big Smile re the Broncos.. x

  11. I need to do the de stash as well ... Loving all your projects xxx

  12. I'm in the process of sorting too. Have fun.

  13. your birdie quilt looks fantastic up.... perfect....


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