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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quick Post

Good morning to you all. I have a quick post for you....some lovely progress Show & Tell from a friend, my op shop find and my verrry slow progress.
Firstly thank you for snapping up my samples, I will have a couple more next Monday. They will be in the post today.
My friend Lorel is also keeping me company stitching my "Country at Heart" alphabet. She is however overtaking me...eek! I have her lovely progress to share.

I will have to get stitching....
Whenever we go to Brunswick heads I have a little nosey in a lovely little Antique store and I could not leave these pretties behind.
The cross hatching work on this one was all free loops if that makes sense.
So pretty!
Not too much happening stitching wise.....a little swap secret sewing and a little bit of quilting on my poor old Grandmother's Garden Quilt....I think it is starting to feel like a poor old granny.
Ok I am's stitching with friends day today and also this evening...yipee!
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle the alphabet is looking fantastic and boy i love those doilies,good buying there and wow your quilt is looking fantastic,enjoy your sewing toiday and tonight my friend xx

  2. How pretty are those doilies! A great find. Your quilting looks lovely and you will love the quilt when it is finished. Those stitcheries are so sweet. Happy stitching.

  3. Beautiful doilies there Michelle, just gorgeous. So glad your samples were snapped up ... must admit, I felt green with envy that I lived across the ditch & couldnt purchase any :-)

  4. Sounds like a great day to me - that lace is gorgeous

  5. Hehe you poor old granny is looking great!! Lovely doilies too, sounds like you have plenty of ideas for them :-) Neat to see Lorel's stitcheries, I think you are all overtaking me!!

  6. Lovely stitching progress by Lorel :) Granny's are the most loved, so who wouldn't want to feel like an old granny? lol

  7. Beautiful purchase Michelle..the quilting is really pretty keep going lol..

  8. What interesting doilies, I haven't seen that woven pattern either! Granny's Garden will be finished one day......until then, relax and enjoy the journey.

  9. Adorable little dancing mice - I don't know how you do it, Michelle! Great find with the doilies, and that one with the 'cross-hatching' is really unusual, quite outstanding. Happy sewing. xx

  10. Very pretty doilies and I hope you had lots of fun on your stitching with friends day.

  11. Lovely alphabet progress for Lorel. Your pretties are delightful. Great find.


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