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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Santa's Sleigh Dropped By!

A knock at the door revealed Santa's Sleigh ready for a secret pick up for these....
Destination definitely "TOP SECRET"! Wonder where it is headed for????
Speaking of Santa Stuff, a couple of other piccies of Christmas favourites.
My wooden tree complete with hand painted ornaments I did a number of years ago.
My first ever pattern...Gifts of Christmas Cushion (a friend actually stitched it as my sample is never home)and a gorgeous little quilt I received as a gift from our lovely Shez in a Redwork swap.
Some of my treasures on the China cabinet...
Sewing wise I am still gardening in my little house block and I have started a little commissioned project for next year. So just a little sneaky....
Lastly I wanted to share a photo of my two gorgeous little girls....Miss E & Miss C. Aren't they beautiful?
Apparently Miss C just had to get a handful of all that gorgeous black! and tears ensued!
This photo of Miss C was taken by her Aunty M (my Daughter) and I just love it.
The girls are so different and just so beautiful....of course I am unashamedly biased.
Ok! I am off hunting and gathering....
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love watching you get ready for xmas... of course I am behind with it all hahahaha xxx

  2. love how you decorate for xmas Michelle,its my favourite time of the year.
    Your 2 GD are so gorgeous and what great playmates they will be as they get older,nice sneak peek Michelle,have an awesome day my friend.xx

  3. Michelle, your home looks beautiful, so much Christmas Joy around you. Plus those adorable little grandies, they are just so sweet . Love the redwork cushions too! I think that I had better start decorating very soon,. Merry Christmas to all! Cheers from Joy and Dave.xx

  4. Lovely Christmas decorating. Great photo of the little girls, won't it be lovely for them to grow up together.

  5. Such a lovely post. Those gorgeous little girls are looking so big now.

  6. Beautiful baby girls. Love the decorations too.

  7. How gorgeous are the girls...and your Christmas decorations of course....better get cracking on my decorating...

  8. I spy a couple of those cute Prairie Santas we all stitched a few years ago - very cute! Those two little girls are priceless; Christmas with them will be special indeed this year. xx

  9. I was going to comment on how beautiful your Christmas decorating was until I saw those two little Angels, they are just too precious - just melts your heart.

  10. Wow, your Christmas has already started! Your little grandies don't look related at all, do they?

  11. And so you should be Nanna... those two are so cute and definitely gorgeous! :)

  12. It's beginning to look like Christmas at your place .... love the pictures of your grandiegirls...very sweet ...

  13. Beautiful photos of the little girls. They are growing so quickly. Beautiful Christmas decorating going on at your place.

  14. Your have lots of lovely Christmas decorations...
    Oh those wee little girls are both sooooooo cute..

  15. Adorable picture of your beautiful grand daughters. They really are fabulously good looking little tykes.

    Love your parcel stash!

    And wow - you sure know how to decorate!

  16. Your decorations are beautiful Michelle.
    And as for those two little Granddaughters, well what better decorations could any home have, they are just gorgeous.
    Hugs R.

  17. Very lovely Christmas decorating in your home Michelle! And wow the two bubs are super cute - how entertaining will they be at Christmas time?!!

  18. Your little wooden tree and decorations is delightful.
    And the little girls are totally gorgeous!! What a lovely photo.


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