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Friday, November 29, 2013

Stockings are Hung (Almost)

So as Santa gets everyone's gifts in the right spot, I have over the years made all the immediate family members their own stocking with their names embroidered on them. As we now have two new members in our Clan, 2 new stockings were in order....all done!
I have one very important job left to do and that is to add these two little treasures to our family quilt.
There names will be embroidered in a heart and appliqued to the quilt. I am all set to go. I adore this design by Christine Book and it is one of my most favourite Christmas quilts.
Want to see a little more of my decorating?
Well I had to of course have a "Frosty corner".
and a new and old Frosty Favourite. The very cute wall hanging was a gift from my lovely friend Cheryl and the other fellow is one I designed many moons ago called "Walter" and seems to be a fav with a lot of you too.
Another favourite that has to go up every year now is a darling stocking with a Frosty featured by lovely friend Melody. I just love it! It is also BIG! So it fits lots of goodies in it when I am on the "nice" list! The back is gorgeous too.
Now this gorgeous fellow was a gift for my 60th Birthday from my best friend Ann...
and I have to say he has settled right in with all the other Heartwood Creek Santas!
As I am sure you are aware by now I am a very sentimental old girl. Aren't you glad I didn't get ALL the decorations out! LOL!

Before I go I want to wish my lovely Daughter-in-Law a very Happy Birthday and big hugs on your special day. Hope My Son spoils you!!!
From Let's Enjoy Beauty
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Everything is looking beautiful.

  2. Hello Michelle,

    It looks like a Christmas shop. Lovely idea with putting the new ones on the quilt. Being sentimental is lovely, more people should be like this.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. oh such beautiful decorating with lots of fabulous decorations,thankyou for sharing Michelle and i love the 2 new stockings.xx

  4. Your Christmas things are gorgeous. Makes me want to put my stuff around.....but not until the 1st......<3

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely DIL...and your decos are awesome...

  6. So many beautiful Christmas decorations. I love the idea of your tree. Happy birthday to your DIL.

  7. Of course your on the NICE your new stockings and all the decorations are beautiful...

  8. Ooh Michelle - have been waiting for some photos of your Christmas decorating. Your two new stockings are gorgeous and what a fantastic idea with the quilt. Thought you might weaken and put it all out, but it is so beautiful what you've done

  9. Very pretty the Heartwood Creek Santas!

  10. Well, I always was partial to a snowman, and yours are all very cute indeed. And it seems I share a birthday with your daughter-in-law! Happy birthday to her!

  11. Love Snowman corner and love your Jim Shore - GORGEOUS!!

  12. Snowman corner is a favoutite! It is looking a lot like Christmas!

  13. Snowman corner is a favoutite! It is looking a lot like Christmas!

  14. I love the snowmen too! You seriously have the best collection of decorations of any one I know!

    I love the idea of a family quilt. I might have to give that one some more thought for our house !

  15. Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at your house,your decoration are a dream love. I wish that I could decorate too, but with Hubby having major op within two weeks and not being sure when we will be home,decorations will have to wait till next year. I do have some of your beaut chrissy designs around the home, my favorite quilt(down reindeers way) and lots of gingies placemats,and hangers. Merry Christmas to all. Cheers and bottom up guys.xxxxxx

  16. lovely decorations and I love the new stockings you have made....
    Happy birthday to your DIL...

  17. Great to see all the stockings ready and waiting!
    Love seeing all the decorations.


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