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Friday, November 22, 2013

A Very Nice Catchup & Lovely Mail.

Good Morning everyone. I have been very busy being Nana and minding in turn my little Granddaughters so I haven't had time to get to a post. You forget just how much work little people are.
Yesterday I met up with a lovely friend of mine of long standing, Trish. We now live on opposite sides of the city and have been trying to organise a coffee and a chat for ages and finally it happened.
We chose the coffee shop right outside the Paddington Antique Centre (Trish's Choice) as she is a girl after my own heart with a love of all things vintage. Particularly gorgeous old china.
Boy the time just flew by in a flash...
and of course we had to have a wander through the Antique Centre. We discovered they now have the most exquisite section full of vintage buttons and notions...ohh! Delicious! I can't show you what a bought as it is a giftie and I don't want the surprise spoiled. Trish bought some cute bits and pieces including some gorgeous vintage fabric. My friend Trish is also a blogger and has the sweetest blog called Red Cardinal  which is a lovely read, highlighting Trish's love of sewing, art, vintage finds and lots more.
Thank you Trish for such a lovely time.
Here is a photo of one of the gorgeous homes in the street where I parked yesterday.
It had a gorgeous verandah in the round but as there were folks out there I wasn't brave (or rude) enough to take a piccie of that bit. I also love the streets around Paddington...full of large leafy tropical typical of the old early areas in Brisbane.
This morning the postie bought me a very sweet letter from Liz  from Village Quilters who was keen to have a little Angel to go with the Christmas Hearts pattern. Liz was lovely enough to stitch me my very owne little Angel Heart. Looky...
So she will be going on my Christmas tree this year. Thank you so much Liz. It was a lovely surprise.
Do you ever have moments when no matter how good you try to be you just cannot resist? Well that happened to me when I saw the gorgeous colours in these pens and watercolour pencils earlier in the week.
I am definitely going back for was so nice to choose my own colours because I always find in the sets there are colours I don't use. I can't wait to have a little play.
I wish you all a lovely weekend. I am doggie-sitting Miss Sophie this, fun, fun! LOL!
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds like a great day - I love old Queenslander homes too - though I wouldn't want the maintenance!!

  2. Long live Paddington! Great to see you yesterday, Michelle.

  3. Paddington is lovely. I used to work near there before I moved to Ipswich and never got tired of looking at all those wonderful houses. Of course there is lot of them in Ipswich too, although many are more 'shabby' than 'chic'!

  4. I used to be a regular at Paddington Antiques Centre...loved it! I last went about 10 years ago so might be time for another visit perhaps. Those buttons etc sound so interesting! I heard that that cafe is very good too :-)

  5. great to have a catch up and also great to be playing with grandies (even though nothing else gets done)... the old houses are so lovely and how quick she was to get that stitchery done....
    Have an excellent weekend...

  6. A lovely post Michelle, what a happy photo of you and your friend Trish.
    I love those old houses in such lovely streets, and how I would like to visit that antique store ... Vintage Buttons, Wow.
    Love the little heart from Liz also.
    Hugs R.

  7. oh it is so much fun playing with the grandies Michelle and how nice you got to catch up with Trish , i love the pic of the house such a lovely shape.xx

  8. Friends, Fun and Food... all the things that make us smile!
    What a nice day!!!
    I love being a grandma... so I know what you mean... enjoy Miss Sophie sitting too.
    Have a great weekend Michelle :)

  9. Looks and sounds like a wonderful day in lovely surroundings. Your Christmas angel is so pretty. xx

  10. It sounds like you two had the perfect day. That house is gorgeous.

  11. One of my favourite places too Michelle. Both my daughters and I love to visit the Antique Centre - after trying out one of the nearby cafes. The button section is quite amazing isnt it.Great to spend time with the Grandies, and with Trish.
    Hugs xx

  12. Whata a lovely catch-up and such a beautiful area. Those "little people" do keep us busy and can be very active. Enjoy your weekend Michelle

  13. A visit to you area is definitely on my bucket list.

  14. Lovely day out with your friend , will have to check out her blog . Sweet stitchery for your tree ! Hugs Sheila

  15. I love those beautiful old Queenslander homes. Architecturally brilliant - lovely to look at . I'd love to live in one.

    Sounds like you had the perfect day- catch up with a friend- and a spot of vintage window shopping.Lovely!

  16. Lovely photos of the homes. Such a pretty area.
    Looks like you have been having some lovely nana time.
    And enjoy the dog sitting, too.

  17. Hello ! I'm a long-time follower of Patricia's blog and just discovered yours, it's lovely !


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