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Monday, November 18, 2013

A Little Gift for You and other Things

Happy Monday all. Well I have started my week with a lovely Yoga class which always helps me start on a good note. Today we had a very cute little visitor. One of my friends little 8 week old Grand doggie had to be doggie sat......and you know me, I have a great love of little Staffies...
Meet darling little Lola...
Of course I was smitten absolutely and she stole mine and everyone else's heart. Lola was such a good girl and spent the whole class, meditation and relaxation in her bed and seemed very happy to stay there all cuddled up with her teddy.
Must have been all that wonderful energy....isn't she just gorgeous!
Now back to stitching. I have started hand quilting the little girls stockings. First...Mrs Claus.
and Santa...
I  also have some lovely show and tell to share. Liz from Village Quilters purchased my patterns Christmas Hearts and from last year Christmas Stars and boy has she been busy. I came over all Kris Kringley when I saw them all together.
and a little close up...
Thank you so much Liz for choosing my designs and for allowing me to share them.
And our friend Joy from Joyful Stitching has stitched my little Sunshine Angel which was featured recently in the latest issue of Country Threads....I just know Angels would have a Sunflower Brolly.
Thank you Joy for sharing and as always your very kind and caring words.
NOW!!! The "Freebie". Liz has been hankering after a little Angel which could be used in the Christmas Hearts pattern featured above. So I decided to create this little Angel and share it all with you and Liz as an early Christmas gift from me. You can also thank Liz for her inspiration...She can of course be used on her own if you don't have the pattern. (which you will find on my sidebar)
I hope you enjoy using her to bless yourself and others and I am sure I don't need to say (because you are all such lovely honest folk) that this is a gift for you and should be used as such. Just click on her on my sidebar to download her.
Well folks this post has been quite the epistle...thank you for hanging in there.
another lovely graphic from yogaoneness

Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love love love the little angel Thank Michelle

  2. She is downloaded and printed. As soon as I get off the computer I will be getting her ready to stitch. Happy dancing.

  3. Your grand doggie is the may wonderful projects Michelle...

  4. Ethanol you for the delightful design and for sharing your dear little doggie relation. I agree staffs are wonderful little dogs

  5. Oh Michelle , what a lovely post.
    Love that little Staffy, they have always been a favourite of ours.
    Liz's decorations look great, so many made, she is such a fast worker.
    Thank you for the little Angel, I will really enjoy stitching her,

    Hugs R.

  6. Cute little pup!
    Thank you for the angel pattern, very sweet.

  7. cute little puppie and thankyou so much for your adorable little angel,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  8. So many lovely Christmas stitchery to see, a feast for the eyes. I need to get into yoga or pilates. I tried both and enjoyed them so must join up.

  9. Very cute pup, thanks for your beautiful angel I'll have lots of fun making her up for someone for Chrissy :) Barb.

  10. Lola is a cutie. Thanks for the sweet angel stitchery, it must be wonderful seeing your designs made by others.

  11. How cute is Lola! Thank you for the angel pattern, Michelle.

  12. Om my goodness Michelle, little Lola is the cutest. Your stockings for your gorgeous little girls are just lovely. And my, how productive have the girls been. Thankyou for your gorgeous xmas gift for us - it is so very generous of you Michelle

  13. Thank-you for the Angel..she's gorgeous. xx

  14. Thank you, Michelle!! The little angel is adorable!

  15. The stars and heart look so lovely all together - guess Christmas really is coming . .

  16. Thank you so much, such a gorgeous little angel. I am off to download her right now, before I forget. (I am like that at the moment - way behind and forgetful.)
    Hugs xx

  17. That little pup is so adorable.
    Great to see the quilting going along on the stockings. Those little hearts and stars look lovely all together.
    Thank you for the lovely heart project. Very kind of you.

  18. Lola is such a cutie and at 8 weeks old she already has the relaxing part of yoga down pat. Clever girl!

    Love the hand quilting you have going on with the stockings. The girls are going to treasure those for years to come.

  19. thank you for our lovely christmas heart stitchery.... so sweet... as is that little Lola dog... your stockings are looking fantastic...

  20. All the projects look wonderful. I love the Santa and Mrs Clause. Thanks so much for the little stitchery.

  21. WOW...another week has gone by...why does the time fly by sEw quickly. The hearts and stars together are wonderful. Thanks bunches for the sweet little angel. I have printed it and look forward to stitching will be perfect on a tea towel for someone secial. Wishing you a happy day!! hugs, Pauline

  22. Thanks for the angel pattern Michelle , somehow I missed this post ;-)


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