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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rainy Saturday

Well it absolutely poured here overnight and has been raining on and off all day. That means of course...perfect sewing weather. I have mentioned once or twice that I am not a good machinist by any stretch of the imagination but I really did want to try and make my girls a couple of these simple little summer dresses (perfect for hot old Queensland) and I have managed to make 3 and one half. Here is the first one.
I will finish the other half a one tomorrow....hate sewing the same thing twice. Anyhoo! I was quite pleased with my little efforts.
During a break in the showers I was gazing out of my dining room window at the pool when I saw a head pop out of the water so I grabbed the camera and scooted down there and this is what I found..
He /she was about a metre long and stayed under the water for ages until it was sure I had gone away.
Never had a water dragon at our place before that I know of....curiouser and curiouser!

I  wanted to share with you some very sad news. I lot of you may have already heard that our very talented Aussie designer Viv Robinson from Viv's Creations has lost her battle with cancer and is finally at peace. Viv will certainly be missed and is a great loss to our Designing community. All her beautiful work is a lasting legacy for us all. My heart and deepest sympathy goes out to her Family.
Which brings me to a very special quilt that always graces the top of my stairs each year and that is
"The Joys of Christmas Thyme" designed by Viv Robinson.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. what a cute dress and what a funny dragon in your pool,yes very sad news about Viv may she RIP.xx

  2. Great sewing on the cute little dress Michelle. It looks like a fun thing to make for the little girls. That is a big water dragon you have there, and he may take up residence. They do that. We have an adult and a little one in our pool today.

  3. We used to have water dragons.....haven't seen one here for years.
    So sad about Viv, but at least her struggles are over.
    I have one of her designs on the door to my sewing room.

  4. I love those types of simple dresses. They look so cute on little girls.

    Obviously the water dragon figured if he was going to be wet he may as well do it in style! Was he doing backstroke?

  5. I've just made Christmas skirts for my 2 granddaughters....such fun to make. R.I.P Viv xx

  6. Cute little dresses. I have made some of Viv's lovely designs, what a wonderful way to be remembered.

  7. Cute little dress, they will be fin for your little grandies at Christmas! I would never get into that pool again, you know......

  8. I was sorry to hear about your friend Viv... it is always sad to say goodbye....
    love the little dress and the water dragon is pretty amazing...

  9. So sad that Viv is no longer with us - her designs are so quirky and delightful. that's such a cute little dress, Michelle and as for the dragon - interesting rather than cute and I'm just glad it's not at my place!

  10. RIP Viv. Cute little dress and GD's will look wonderful in NannaMade items! :)

  11. Well done on the dresses, and I'm not sure I would be getting in the pool either! Sad news of Viv but she is at peace. Too many deaths in the past week for me.

  12. Very sad news aboout the dress....I have not seen a water dragon before..

  13. Beautiful summery little dresses for your two gorgeous little girls Michelle. What a find in your pool - a bit of a surprise. Lovely message about Viv - many of us will miss her, and love the quilt of her's you've made - have never done that one

  14. So sad about Viv, her designs are delightful and this lovely lady will never be forgotten .I must finish her lovely Secret Garden tablecloth and use it in her memory. Lovely sweet dresses, and the dragon is just adorable we have a mum and dad out the front of our place. Always worry that they might get hit by a car. Cheers .

  15. Sad news about Viv. The dresses are very cute! I haven't seen a water dragon before..very interesting, what happens if you get into the pool?

  16. The little dresses are gorgeous and so sweet!
    You do have some interesting swimming companions.
    Sad news about Viv. She will be very much missed.


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