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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Lunch

Yesterday after a beautiful Yoga class dedicated to healing, peace and gratitude we had our Yoga Christmas lunch to celebrate the coming season and our very special friendship.
Cathy was our very gracious hostess and we sat down to a very pretty table and some bubbles...
Sam, Cathy and Lindy enjoying the delicious lunch we all bought to share.
You have to have fruit mince pies and gingies!!!
We have clockwise, Lindy, Irene, our gorgeous teacher Helen, Barb, a little peek of Andrea and Sam.
These little folk also came to see what all the fuss was about...we really enjoyed ourselves with much laughter, chatting, lovely yummy food and there were pressies (forgot to take a piccie)
Huge hugs and thanks to my dear friend Helen for her inspiration, loving lessons, beautiful Yoga and kind and generous are such a treasure xxx

What have I been stitching??? Well I have been building a little house...
and having lots of fun. The garden will be next! Another block in the "long term project".
I decided this year that rather than be like a crazy person to get all the Christmas decorating done as I usually  do and be totally exhausted, that I would go for Quality rather than Quantity and so I am going to decorate a few little areas with my favourite Christmas treasures, put up my Christmas tree with all the beautiful ornaments and memories that make my heart sing and enjoy them all.
So I have made a start...
Gingies of course!
Can you see the silly photographer in her nightdress in the! No one could ever accuse me of being "posh"! No sirreee!!
I will share the other little spots with you as I get them done.
My husband still does not believe that this is possible! But I am now looking forward to creating a few special little displays.
I hope you all enjoy your week. I have a date with my pencils and sketchpad and my little cottage's garden.

"Friends are the Family you choose for yourself"
Take care,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It's always lovely to share lunch with friends. Your house is looking so nice Michelle. I love your cookies cross stitch!

  2. So wonderful to have this special group of women in your life.

  3. sew nice to be with your friends to share in food, fun and lots of chatting..

  4. what a wonderful day you all had,boy i love your gingies table topper it looks awesome,have a wonderful day my friend.xx

  5. Looks like a special day..perfect way to celebrate.

  6. I think that may be the first of many a Xmas chat/luncheon...with different friends. After all~ 'tis the season! ")

  7. Looks like you had a great day with friends Michelle. Sharyn:)

  8. Your decorating idea sounds just right - better than exhausting yourself. Looks like a lovely lunch with lovely company. I am very partial to house blocks, so am looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Hugs xx

  9. A lovely day I'm sure - love the frangipanis and the house block looks great - your pattern??

  10. Lovely time spent with beaut friends ,and gingies too. Just perfect! xx

  11. Lovely time spent with beaut friends ,and gingies too. Just perfect! xx

  12. Always good to get together with good the Xmas table.

  13. so this time of year really has started... so nice to celebrate with friends and have a happy time decorating...

  14. No wonder you're so relaxed and must be all the yoga! It will be lovely to watch your decorating unfold.

  15. Lovely friends to share a yummy meal and love the Christmas corner.
    Can't wait to start decorating on the weekend myself.

  16. That Frangipani looks amazing and it looks like a great day was had by all.

  17. Oh yum, mince tarts! Now there are only two of us at home we don't put up our big tree, I have several smaller tabletop trees so each table can have its own little display.

  18. The silly season has begun...There goes the diet..<3

  19. It looks like a wonderful celebration of friendship and Christmas, Michelle. Making my mouth water with those mince pies and gingerbread, and love your Christmas display.

  20. Christmas lunch looks fabulous. I love mince pies.

    I'll be watching to see if you can really keep your Christmas decorating down to a few displays. I'm with Mr. R on the scepticism here !

  21. Sounds like the perfect luncheon feast, great food, great company.

  22. Michelle you are so sweet. Looks like you had a great lunch with some wonderful friends.

  23. Another perfect way to spend a day.
    Good luck with your decorating. A little area at a time sounds like a wonderful idea.
    And good luck with your drawing and stitching.

  24. What a perfect day with friends , lots of yummy food and laughter , what could possibly be better . I adore your little house :-)


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