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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Cup Day

Today is the day that celebrates the running on the famous Melbourne Cup horse race and as they say it is the race that stops a nation....everyone downs tools to listen if even if you don't have a bet. I used to work in the Telephone Exchange here in Brisbane as an overseas telephonist when I was a baby and as you can imagine the place was full of huge switchboards with a myriad of flashing and glowing lights and very, very noisy with over 120 telephonists talking at once. Every first Tuesday in November however the lights would stop flashing and go out and a hush would come over the room as all the calls ceased and Australia stopped to listen to the running if the cup. It was just amazing.

Ok enough of tripping down memory lane. I have no sewing to show as I am still working on my hexies but I have also been reading my Nora Roberts trilogy that I was supposed to take away on holidays with me.
I have finished book one and I am now reading book 2 and loving them....I am not a ghosty type person but these books have got me hooked.
That's it from me today. I am off to the post office to post lots of order....bless you all! In particular a parcel of my BOM Christmas Memories across the "ditch" to New Zealand....tad excited about that.
Have a great Cup day. Good luck to all those beautiful horses and ladies if you are lucky enough to celebrate a win, remember pleasssse.....

keep your fascinators tidy!!!!! LOL!
Bye for now,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. have a great Melbourne cup day....

  2. Have a wonderful day Michelle. Hugs.....

  3. Long since I've read any Nora Roberts books, must investigate. Aren't fascinators fabulous. You can see why champagne goes so well with them! Sharyn:)

  4. No wins for me!!! I do like Nora Roberts..

  5. glad you had a lovely day Michelle.xx

  6. Hey Michelle! The big race ran without out me ... I was tucked up in bed with an icky summer cold ... reading a Nora Roberts book on my iPad! :0) I'm a HUGE Nora fan, especially her murder/mystery/romance stories and her otherworldly ones. I've read the trilogy you're enjoying and loved it ... hope you do too. I've lost track of just how many of her books I own! Just call me a bookworm! :0) Happy reading - Bear Hugs! KRIS

  7. Good reading. I have been doing a bit of reading myself. I have read many of her books, have to make a note to read these.

  8. I think I was one of the few people in Australia that forgot about the Melbourne Cup yesterday. I was busy on a call at work when the race was run and it was all over by the time I was finished .

    One of these days Im going to get gussied up and celebrate Melbourne cup properly!

  9. I went shopping after our lunch and race and it was few people around!

  10. I have read all of the books in this series and really enjoyed them Am also a big fan of Nora Roberts... love her Eve and Roarke books too.Beating heart for Roarke!

  11. It turned out to be beautiful weather here for the cup. I spent it visiting a quilt fabric shop that was having a sale. Perfect!


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