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Saturday, December 1, 2012

'Tis the Season.

Well here we are at December anyone else feeling as if they just put their decorations down and now it's time to get them out again. Or is that just me. Apart from that I do love the Christmas Season.
So a little Angel from MO from Rose Petals from Heaven to remind you the reason for Christmas and to help you dust off your Christmas Spirit. I love this Season as I think it shines a light on all the important people and blessings in our life that perhaps in the busyness of everyday doings we lose sight of. Also keep a  prayer in your heart for all those who have had a difficult year and lost loved ones or suffered can be a difficult time for a lot of people. A pinch of compassion goes a really long way.

Speaking of important special people, I am off to have lunch with some of my Yoga sisters today. A wonderful group of women with whom I have shared so much and I am looking forward to it.
Summer has certainly arrived here with some very warm days lately....phew! There are some things though that I love about Summer....the frangipani is in bloom and the smell is devine, cold yummy Weis Bars straight from the freezer, swims in the pool and for me no shoes...I love bare feet.
I wish you a safe, stress free and enjoyable time this Festive Season.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Weiss bars sound good to me. :)

  2. Hope your festive season is magical. Big hugs

  3. Enjoy your lunch, a perfect start to December.

  4. Thank you for your wise words about compassion...sometimes it is easy to forget this. Enjoy the beginning of the season!

  5. Very well spoken Michelle , I hope your holiday season is full of joy !

  6. Michelle the pic of the frangi's and the Christmas baubles is really gorgeous, you could make it into a card or tag. And yes, I also feel like i just packed all the X-mas stuff away, now I'm about to get it out again!

  7. have a fun day today with you friends michelle.xx

  8. Have a great day with your friends.
    Still can't imagine how it is to have hot weather at christmas :-)

  9. Swims in the pool and bare feet sounds like heaven to me.

    The lake at the bottom of the garden was frozen over this morning and it's seriously cold here in our part of France.

    I know where I'd like to be.

    Bon appetit,

    F x

  10. I could really go off you you know! Swims in the pool???? and walking in bare feet???? Not here you wouldn't! More like two pairs of socks and a nice cozy quilt around you :-) My turn will come..... Hugs xxx

  11. have a lovely december.... love the frangi and baubles picture...

  12. My decorations are up. May you have a blessed Christmas.

  13. Have a wonderful Festive Season...


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