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Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Morning!

I hope a lovely Christmas was had by all. Ours was a quiet Family affair with much comedy relief by our beautiful Grandsons throwing themselves into the festive day with as much abandon as they could muster. Kids just know how to enjoy themselves completely.
I have enjoyed my little blogging break even though not visiting to see what you have all been doing wasn't an option so I did a lot of relaxed blog hopping.
Since my last post I received the sweetest gift from my lovely friend Melody It is a gorgeous pincushion in wool felt with a very cute sheep to mind my pins.....
Sooo Cute!
Even though I was a naughty "gimme Piggy" and opened all my swap pressies (all of which were gorgeous) I did as I was instructed and placed my 'for under the tree' gift, under the tree where it remained in tact until Christmas morning. My lovely Angel was Jenny of  Elephantz. Inside my parcel was the loveliest journal and you all know how I love a brand new journal....
Isn't it adorable. I just love it. I loved it even more when I opened it up and saw this....
How cool is that. I have already told Jenny that I am going to use it for all my creative musings as I feel having been created by such a creative force as Jenny my musings will feel very much at home within it's covers. Thank you Angel Jenny. I love it xxxx
I have really needed a little time out and some time with my other half and so we have just spent out time relaxing, reading, having a rum ball or four, watching some favourite DVD's. I have read one of my Christmas gifts already and I have no excuses except to say I like him and he reminds me of my youth and much of his music was the sound track of my life when younger. "Vagabond Heart" remains one of my all time favourite CD's....
Very interesting!!! I find other's lives very interesting and Rod's sure is that.
I also have been able to curl up in my fav chair with my pencils and you know how I LOVE that!
There is even a little freebie for you in that lot so better stay tuned. I haven't felt like picking up a needle and some thread but I am sure I will shortly. I worked and stitched until 11pm Christmas Eve when I downed tools and decided no more for a wee while. I have several projects in varying stages of completion with a couple of deadlines attached so I felt a break was in order.
The other thing that I have been indulging in is one of the reasons I love Queensland....MANGOES!!!!
Take a look....
At the moment I am hanging out for the produce from my daughter's tree which is a Bowen Mango tree. The best in my opinion and I won't even enter into a discussion about it. The buzz is there are some heading this way  later today but alas still need a lit more ripening. Mind you I have managed with the store bought one above and it's mates. They will only make the Bowens taste better.
Well that is about it from me. Lots of thoughts and reflection on the year that is fast disappearing and how to move authentically into 2013 staying true to myself and my craft. Hopefully I will have lots of you along to see how I get on with all that.
Take care,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hello Michelle,

    Beautiful gifts. Rod can certainly sing and gather the girls. Summer certainly is the time for fruit. Enjoy the mangoes.
    Happy New Year.

  2. wow that journal is so sweet,so cute.I love Mel's pincushion i was lucky enough to receive one as well and i have already put it to good use.
    I so love Rod,i meant to get his new xmas CD,but forgot to look when i was down the street.
    Hope you have a nice relaxing day my friend and enjoy a rum ball or 4,lol,that made me chuckle.xx

  3. Sounds like you have had a lovely few days, lovely gifts and an interesting read. I've tasted the odd beautifully ripe mango and enjoyed it so much (as opposed to what I usually sample in our supermarkets!) - lucky you!!

  4. A little break from sewing and blogging just makes it better when you come back. I'm glad you had such a happy and relaxed Christmas. Your comment of moving authentically into 2013 is a really inspiring goal.

  5. Your little gifts are so precious! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas.

  6. Lovely gifts. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Hugs,xx.

  7. more sweet gifties, there is so much gorgeous christmas craftiness to see in blogland.
    It's lovely to have some quiet time....
    So envious of you having mangoes that probably taste like mangoes!

  8. Lovely gifts
    I love mangoes and would love to try the so very fresh ones

  9. Your gifts are lovely and I look forward to seeing your drawings! I haven't really tried mango but I love rock melon and am eating lots of it!

  10. Looks like a lovely collection of gifts for you. Gorgeous!
    Good to see you kicking back and relaxing. It's always great to have a break.

  11. Lovely Gifts Michelle.
    I love old smoothie Rod Stewart also.
    And as for Mangoes they are my favorite fruit,did you know the only way to eat them is naked in the bath?
    I told an elderly couple that in the supermarket recently, quite made their day.
    Wishing you a wonderful New Year.
    Hugs from Rosalie.

  12. Sounds like you have been having a nice break. Glad your Christmas was fun. I must admit we did miss the younger boys on Christmas Day but hopefully it will be Scott's turn in 2013. Oh dear, did I just say that. Hope 2013 goes a lot slower than this one. Happy New Year Michelle. Will see you soon. Hugs....

  13. Michelle, the journal from Jenny is just darling, and gifties from Melody too, are lovely.
    Mangoes are very more-ish, my bro sends cartons of them to me from his town of Broome, YUM!!
    What a great read Rod would be, and great to look at too, LOL x

  14. What a lovely Journal - but I'm with you about mangoes - Bowens or Kensington Pride for me. I love to spend a lot of my break reading too.

  15. what a lvoely post and some nice pressies... I have been eating so many mangoes.. and even had coctails made with them for christmas.... hmmmmm

  16. Hello Michelle.....what a lovely Christmas you have had and all ready to head into 2013. I look forward to all you have planned for next year.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  17. Mel does a beautiful job with felt. Love the journal. Always handy to have. Enjoy the New Year

  18. G'day Michelle. Those Christmas gifts are just gorgeous. I saw Rod Stewart in concert here in Melbourne some years ago and he was fantastic. One of the best concerts I have been too, other than the Rolling Stones. Hope you have a very happy New Year. Take care. Liz...

  19. Your journal is really lovely and Im sure you'll make excellent use of it for your ideas and jottings.

    Sounds like Christmas at Chez Michelle was very special. I adore having children round at Christmas . It just makes it so much more fun to share their excitement.


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