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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 4 in Week of Christmas

Day 4 folks in Cheryll's week of Christmas  Have we seen yours yet??? Have you popped over to see all the lovely decorating around in Blogland? Oh there is some gorgeous Christmas candy to see.
I thought I would share a couple more ornaments but first a little piece of my Frosty corner on my hutch. I really love painted Christmas decorations and this one is a fav....snowman and gingerbreads...
Speaking of Gingerbreads, this is a little 'gingie' corner of my kitchen.
Are you ready for another lot of ornies.
Firstly a lovely frosty wedgewood one.
These next two hale from Canada and the silver snowflake is from the New York Metropolitan Museum.
Lastly a hand painted glass one from Austria.
Keeping in the Christmas Spirit yesterday I took my Mum to my Stitching Friends Group Christmas lunch. We had the loveliest time. The girls all bought little gifts for my Mum so she would feel included. She was so touched by it all. Here we are enjoying ourselves.
Our lovely friend Jacky hosted our lunch and she decorated the table beautifully. We all bring a plate and always end up with a delicious feast. Aren't we a good looking bunch...a real bevy of beauties.
In case you were wondering Santa obviously thought I was VERY good this year and my wonderful Secret Santa Kay made me the most gorgeous "Frosty" table centre which just looks great under my Frosty tree.
I have said it before and I am going to say it again, I feel so blessed to have these special ladies in my life and their kindness to my Mum really touched my heart.
"Friends are the gift you give yourself"
Blessings Michelle xxx
PS Do you want to see more ornaments or are you sick of them???


  1. OH!Michelle I just love all your beautiful decorations ,you have a wonderful collection and I could look at them all day.Keep showing them. Gingie Corner is so sweet, I am working on my own Gingie corner at the moment. Spending time with your percious mum is just so nice, Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Stitching from your number one fan in Bundy ,Joy xxxxx

  2. your christmas decorating is amazing! Show us more, show us more.
    Looks like your mum was welcome and had a good time.
    Great for both of you to go out together.

  3. Love your gingie corner...good enough to eat!

  4. NeVeR!!! Lets see more! :)
    What a lovely time with family and friends together at lunch..yum!
    Love your painting Michelle.. you are so very talented you blow my mind!
    Loved being over today again! :)

  5. lovely ornies... and yes, very blessed with friends... but you do realise it is because you are a great friend to others... works both ways!!

  6. Another wonderful showing of all your beautiful Christmas decorations. Can't wait to see what you show tomorrow. Hugs,

  7. Its so good to see all of your special decorations and I too love the ginger corner..... my mind is working overtime on things for next year. You are so lucky to enjoy this time with your Mum.


  8. Pretty doubt about it, Christmas is fun!

  9. Love the Frosty table centre...and Happy Christmas to your Mum too.

    fiona x

  10. More please! Really enjoying seeing them. Looks like a good time was had by all at the Christmas lunch. Hugs xx

  11. Michelle love your snowy and gingie corners - they are just beautiful, and never get tired at looking at your gorgeous decorations. Your new snowman table centre is to die for.

  12. Always a pleasure to visit , so many beautiful things to see , love all your ornaments and keep them coming. So nice to have your Mum there with you and spending time with your friends ,it sounded like a lovely day together. Hugs Sheila

  13. Love the gingie corner! Lunch looked like alot of fun! Love your pressie.

  14. More lovely eye candy.

    Love the gingerbread corner. And the snowmen table topper! Thats just beautiful!

  15. I am just LOVING The Christmas Show at your house, Michelle!!! Such fun! And how gorgeous of your friends to include your mum, she's lovely and I hope you two are having a fabulous visit!!!!

  16. I would love to see more, WOW you do have a lot, my hubby would have a fit if I put that much stuff around the house at Christmas, mine is so meagre compared to yours and he was complaining on Saturday when I put it all out :-) I shall have to show him your BLOG photos and tell him he has no reason to be complaining.....

  17. The Frosty table centre is so gorgeous it must have taken Kay a lot of hours to make that one, you are such a lucky girl...

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful decorations and your home. So glad you and your mom had a good time.


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