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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Little Show & Tell

Good Morning and I have to say it is a glorious one here in my part of the world. The heat has subsided and it is much more civilised. It was 40.7 degrees here on Tuesday...yuk! The nasty little stomach bug I had earlier this week that had me laid low has gone also thankfully, so I too am feeling a bit more civilised. Because of that nasty little critter I haven't posted some lovely stitching by clever friends.
Firstly you may have seen this already on JEANETTE'S blog but it is so pretty I have Jeanette's permission to share it again. Jeanette has stitched my Hexagon table runner featured recently in Country Threads Magazine and her version is just wonderful.
I am so glad you enjoyed the project Jeanette.
My lovely friend Lorel (no blog) purchased my Mini Christmas Star pattern and has made a few of these little stars  and they are oh so cute too. Lorel is the most beautiful and humble stitcher....her work is always gorgeous and these are no exception.
Makes my day to see my designs so beautifully stitched. Thank you girls.
The other thing I thought I would share with you (and if I shared it last year, sorry put it down to a fevered brow but I do love it) is my favourite Christmas quilt. I made it not long after I began quilting. I had bought a bag of remnants from Ruth Stonely's (sadly missed) beautiful patchwork shop at Highgate Hill and I made it from an American quilt magazine and I thought I was very clever. They had pieced candles and I couldn't work that out so I made some templates and appliqued the candles. It is also hand quilted.
I don't know who the designer is or the name of the design I just call it Candles in the Window.
A little close up...
I think I love it because it combines several favourites, log cabin, applique, hand quilting, country fabrics and it is basically made from a bag of scraps. All of which have come together as a lovely reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.
Have you sat on Santa's knee yet and told him your heart's desire??? No! Well why not just leave him a note on your stocking.....
Enjoy your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It is always a delight to see variations of your lovely patterns.
    I can see why this quilt is a favourite. It's lovely.

  2. Lovely stitching and I love the candles. Glad you are feeling better. I had one of those tummy bugs a few weeks ago and they really do take it out of you.

  3. must be such fun seeing what people make from your lovely patterns... I love the christmas quilt and some things can be seen year after year!!! ok... so I need that sign here for Santa.... just in case he hasn't seen what the drawer looks like!!

  4. I do love your quilt with the candles. Very nice. Hugs,

  5. wow Michelle that quilt is just awesome i love it and the colours you have used are gorgeous,well done you are so clever and lovely projects from your fans,well done ladies.xx

  6. Love your candles quilt! It does have a little of everything...gorgeous!

  7. Your quilt is still lovely. It's all part of the journey. Your patterns have been sewn up beautifully too.

  8. Well I'm glad you're feeling better, hon! Love all the pretty things folks have made with your gorgeous patterns, and I really, really love your Christmas quilt!

  9. Love your Christmas quilt and all the lovely things others have stitched with your patterns. I haven't started the ones I bought so will have to stitch them for next Xmas. Note to self.. start early next year. Hugs.....

  10. Jeanette did a lovely job of your sweet pattern , she is a skilled stitcher . Your quilt is simply gorgeous and I can see why it is a favorite. Glad you are feeling better , I somehow missed that you had been sick , take care . Love that tag ;-)
    Hugs Sheila

  11. I love your candle quilt, it's gorgeous and the colours are beautiful. It must be nice to see your patterns made up by others!

  12. What a wonderful post, full of the most beautiful stitching. Everything is gorgeous and I am so in love with your candles quilt.

  13. Lovely seeing other versions of your patterns - those stars are very cute all strung up like that.

    Now that tag - priceless!

    Hope you've been good.

  14. Your quilt is so pretty I can see why it's your favourite.

    It was -2C and foggy here this morning ... eek. Hugs xx

  15. It's the memories that make us really like special things like that quilt. I love your star patterns too.

  16. Jeanette and Lorel did an amazing job !!
    Your candles in the window quilt is beautiful, love the colors.

    I also placed my first stitcherie freebie on my blog today :-)

  17. I love how your designs were stitched by girls - so lovely!
    And your quilt is fantastic, it looks so festive and cosy!


  18. The candles in the window quilt is just plain beautiful!

    I love it,

    Fiona x

  19. Ohh you have beautiful Chrissy decorations, love your little note to Santa re: more fabric please!!

  20. Lovely show and tell. The girls have done a beautiful job

  21. Oh...My goodness! Your log cabin is a beauty and the candles look so bright and cheery set in the middle of your blocks!
    Thanks so much for sharing, my friend,


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