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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Weekend That Was

Monday has arrived once again and last weekend  was quite a mixed bag. I mentioned I was going for lunch with the Yoga girls out at Jimboomba at a little cafe we like. We had High Tea as we did last year. It was great for all of us to be together and we even had one of our original group Trish join us too which was just lovely. So we were quite a cheery little bunch.
Thats me way down the far end playing Mother at the head of the table. We certainly didn't go hungry either.
It was all low-fat too....
There was an extra little bonus to the day for me. I was early and went for a wander and discovered right across the lane way from the cafe was a 2nd hand bookshop and of course I had to go in.
It is called "That Book Place" and was chocked full of preloved books and they were so reasonable in price.  If you are ever out Jimboomba way pop in and have a browse. Several jumped into my basket to be taken home. 2 Cathy Kelly books (I have been wanting to read her for ages) 1 Monica McInerney and the best bit was I found one of my all time favourite books "My Place" by Australian author Sally Morgan. I had been lent this book when I first read it but I have long wanted to have it as a permanent amongst my collection of books as I believe it is a really special Australian book. I am looking forward to revisiting "My Place". Have any of you read it?
The other thing this weekend is that our eldest Grandson had a little graduation ceremony from Kindy as he is going to be a big School boy next year ( it seems like he only just arrived here on the planet) My Husband went along and said they were all very cute and enjoyed their party no end.
So cute....
A big hug with Mum.
I have my Christmas Memory tree up but it isn't decorated yet as I like to take my time and enjoy it as it is my favourite. So after I do battle with a well known communications company this morning I shall do it.
I thought I would leave you with another gorgeous graphic from Roses Petals from Heaven which is depicting another favourite of mine and yours by what you tell me.
Enjoy your day wherever you are.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. sounds like a lovely weekend.....

  2. High tea sure looked like a lot of fun! And your grandson is adorable!

  3. Your high tea looks like a lovely afternoon. Your grandson is very cute, I hope he enjoys big school.

  4. That sounds lovely! Low fat - and low sugar??

  5. Sounds and looks good Michelle. Kinda graduation is so cute. Sharyn

  6. looks like a lovely afternoon!
    Your grandson looks so grown up. Graduation gown for kinder, wow.
    great buy with your books.

  7. Love the high tea, and the book shop was a definite bonus.
    Good luck to your grandson for his new start next year.

  8. what a wonderful weekend for you Michelle and thankyou so very much for my special mail today,its very cute my friend.xx

  9. Lovely pics Michelle. A day out with friends is always good fun.

  10. That high tea looks like a wonderful together and the food looks yummy !!
    Congrats to your grandson.

  11. Good friends, good food, good bookshop...bliss.

    F x

  12. Fabulous high tea and low fat too! I really enjoyed the Cathy Kelly books I have read. I got mine at the Book Cafe at Garden City. A wonderful milestone for your grandson. He looks so grown up.

  13. would love to purchase Christmas fixins here in the US can anyone help as to where Linda B

  14. trying to find Christmas Fixins here in the USA can anyone help?

  15. Young grandson looks very proud to be graduating to big school. I do this with about 30 kids every year at this time. Im so sad to see them getting all grown up and heading out of my life.

  16. WOW a full jam packed weekend for you Michelle. Love high teas, everything looked so yummy. Lucky you, finding some lovely books to add to your collection. Your grandson looks so cute, will he be in prep or grade 1 next year ?


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