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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Back in the Sewing Room

Well all the plans to actually tidy and sort my sewing room (aka disaster area) have been shelved as I have some projects that have deadlines looming and so here I am. I sometimes laugh to myself and think if fellow stitcher's out there with their gorgeously appointed sewing rooms could see the chaos in which I create sometimes they would be horrified. But it gets done so I guess that's the main thing.
Lots and lots of cutting out to do...yuk! I sometimes also feel like the biggest fake when I see all you marvellous sewers out there using fantastic tools and sewing such wonderful things when I "hate" rotary cutting and tools and sewing anything that is not a basic straight line. I marvel at you all. I am happiest with a needle and thread and a pencil and scrap of paper. I guess that's what makes being a stitcher so fascinating, having all sorts of techniques for all sorts of people and so many wonderful things of others to admire.
Here is a little sneaky of two things I have been doing and the first was a complete indulgence for Angel and redwork....loved every minute.
The other is a cute winter project for Handmade.....
Not much of a sneaky though is it. Not really what I am used to working in but I like to step out of my area of preference occasionally as it consolidates within me what I truly love, so I think it is a good thing. I also think it is pretty.
Before I head off to my 'cutting' I thought I would ask you all if there is a particular subject or theme you would like me to include in my freebies this year. I can't promise I will be able to deliver everything but you 'never know'. I have a sweet little simple drawing for you after New Years so if you were planning to download the Gingies ones there you better be quick as I will be taking them down in the New Year.
On the subject of the free designs I share from my sketchpad, I know that you will all do the right thing with them and enjoy them in the manner in which they are given. Even though I try with all my heart to keep my blog uplifting and a positive place to visit I  feel  the need to once and for all  address and put aside negative comments and feelings about giving something away for "free" on my blog. So here are my thoughts.....
Anything I originally create is mine to do with as I choose. If I want to hire a plane and do an air drop of my designs I can.Sharing what gifts and talents you have "does not" make you poorer in the giving it actually promotes well being and kindness and comes back to you a thousandfold. Money is just one type of currency that makes the world turn. Being able to share with others has been a goal I have had for my blog from almost the beginning as those who know me well will attest to. So I really hope I don't have to hear about how my free gifts are detrimental to others trying to make a proper 'buck' again. I hope you will all understand that I really felt I needed to express myself on this matter and will not be going there again.
"A Candle does not become dimmer when other candles are lit from it's flame"
Enjoy the rest of your day,
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh dear Michelle. So sorry to hear you've been getting negative comments. Hugs,xx.

  2. Hear hear....well said Michelle, kindness is something the world should embrace....

  3. Oh Michelle I think we all have had chaos in our sewing spaces! Your quote at the end sums it all up beautifully...YOU GO GIRL xo

  4. Beautifully our - and really I think if some designers gave away a few freebies we all might be more inclined to buy more patterns - it's a two way thing isn't it?. Chaos?? - it's your space - do with it what you will. If it works for you - leave it.
    I love angels if you are needing any direction to head in . . and if I ever saw a set of patterns that embodied all 4 seasons (in Qld) then I'd be a happy chappy - so no snow scenes and no pumpkins!!

  5. lovely sneak peak.
    I always work in a chaotic mess but that's the way it is. Some people are very particular and neat, whatever works I say.
    Lovely little sneak peaks...
    Hope that the detractors don't get to you.

  6. OMG i cant believe some-one would say bad stuff about you,you are the loveiest kindest down to earth person that i know,we all know about Karma.
    My dear Michelle dont you ever change, you keep being true to yourself and the good stuff will follow,i dont know what is going on but i would guess that there is some jealousy there some where.xx

  7. I'm sorry you had negative vibes sent your way... boy they don't know you at all, do they. Well said and I hope you've shoved all that horrid stuff under the carpet (and jumped on it a few times he he!!!).
    love your sneaky peeks... can't wait for those!!! I feel the same way about my creative space and my sewing room... if anyone saw where I "do my stuff" they wouldn't believe it! Nothing like a bit of chaos and creative mess ha ha!
    Stay just the way you are Michelle... don't change a thing.. you're beautiful! xx

  8. Michelle, the quote you ended with is so profound! Thank you for sharing
    :-) The designs that you share for free bring so much joy to others and I'm sorry to hear that some people react with such negativity! What Shez said about jealousy is perhaps what prompted such behaviour.

  9. Michelle I agree with everything the other girls have stated, we love your work, your blog and your generosity, stay calm and keep creating.
    A creative mess is better than idle neatness.
    Hugs from Rosalie.

  10. Hi Michelle, I think you are a wonderful person and we all have chaos in our lives somewhere, you should see my sewing room.....shudder. Anything you choose to do is ok by me, Miss Mouse is having a tanti as we speak, she has been doing that for the past few weeks :) Have a wonderful New Year, Hugs from me :)

  11. We love you for the kind, generous and peaceful person that you are. There will always be little problem people along the way, but the best response is to be true to yourself, and relish the support of your friends.

  12. I want to say something about tall poppy syndrome but people with those views aren't worth the brain power. Thank you for your generosity Michelle. Sharyn:)

  13. You don't want to see how my sewingroom is looking at this moment LOL
    Sorry to hear about the negative comments, you are always so kind and then you give us also a freebie somethings. I find that wonderful and sweet of you, because you don't have to do that.
    I realy enjoy reading your blog and ..... your patterns !!

  14. Just as well you can't see my mess. There is no space for being creative, I sit and sew downstairs where it is tidy. Time to change those habits with the New Year. LOL

    Ignore the negative comments and do what is right for you, you have plenty of followers who believe in you.

    Happy New Year.

  15. I can't believe that people have complained about your generosity. They must see your work as a threat. Where do some people get these ideas from? I love your blog and think your are wonderful sharing with us. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

  16. Loved your sneaky peaks Michelle. Always happy to buy your gorgeous patterns, but a "freebie" occasionally is lovely and very generous of you. A teddy one in the future would be cute.

  17. I think we all need a little chaos in our sewing corners to create! I have most of my fabrics in totes, and when I am
    making one little block in a QAL, I have had as many as 6 totes all around me, all open, looking for that perfect piece of fabric! I have never seen a pink rotary cutter... So cute! And I love that angel! I also love the idea that you share your creativity. I think it is wonderful! Enjoy the weekend and Happy New Year!

  18. Mess? What mess? that is just creativity at work isnt it. I tidy my space but the moment I start working on something the mess is back, so why bother?
    Michelle I love your designs, and your generosity in giving freebies. Dont ever be put off by such negative nonsense, just continue to be true to yourself. Your comments were very well said.

  19. Michelle, if you were to see my sewing space at times you would probably think yours is neat ,I do make quite a mess. I am so very sorry that anyone would feed you negative comments ,it takes all kinds and it is such a shame as you give with the heart and I truly appreciate your lovely work.hugs Sheila

  20. It's a shame that some people who comment can't remember that "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all".
    Michelle, sad to say my sewing room is usually quite untidy - when I tidy it up I cannot find anything. Keep this in mind 'a messy desk is a sign of a busy mind' - works for me!!!! Have a swell year.

  21. Ah Michelle you are mortal, working in a space that's not all super neat! As long as you are happy in it.

  22. Oh Michelle, I agree with a previous comment, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all, it's time people followed this rule. What you do with your patterns is entirely up to you and nothing to do with anyone else. Don't change, they are only jealous because you have such a lot of loyal friends. Not everything we do has to have a monetary value, we do lots of things just for the pleasure it gives us. Hugs xx

  23. There is a saying, "Whatever floats your boat" In other words, if it works for you do accordingly! If more folks were or show a little more kindness, just think how better our world would be! Self-importance is the rule today, and comes with it... selfishness. As long as you are true to yourself and be it!
    Luv you as you are!

  24. Oh wow... I am waiting for the air drop over my little mountain and create some more chaos amongst mine... lovely new designs... great quote....x
    much love and hugzzzzzzz

  25. Sharing is caring. Well that is what I always tell my girls. Those who wish to be so negative about such a lovely thing as sharing can find somewhere else to play. Happy New Year to you and yours Michelle.

  26. Being able to create in your space is what is most important, not how others perceive it!

    There is no correlation between your work and the insecurity of others. Thanks for sharing your beautiful designs.

    Hope your New Year is full of fun and stitches.

  27. Its pretty manky in my sewing room sometimes too. I think everyone’s creative space looks like that. We only ever clean for photos don’t we?

    Love the redwork. She’s so sweet.

    I for one appreciate your generosity in sharing your creativity with us. I cant believe anyone would have a problem with that. Keep being you Michelle and doing what you want with the wonderful things that pop into your head.


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