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Friday, November 2, 2012

All Set

I have a very busy day today so I thought I would get prepared early for...
I am joining all my friends over at Cheryll's. If you want to join in click HERE.
My arm and hand a feeling so much better and I have several things in my sewing pile for tonight.
There is a little stack of stars that have been waiting for their rusty bells which arrived yesterday, another redwork block, a mini quilt stitchery. I will decide tonight. I also have the Tim Tams as promised and my favourite cup ready for my cuppa. Hope to see you there.
Yesterday I had to buy some fabrics for a project I have been asked to do and so off to the fabric store I went. Happily I found what I 'needed' and was making my way to the counter.
But then I tripped over this and it fell on to my pile accidently and rather than embarass myself by declaring I didn't know it was there I just bought some. Does this ever happen to know being set upon by bolts of fabric.
So I have given it a home and secretly love it.....I feel a flurry of redwork "Frosties" coming on.
I must dash but I thought in wishing you all a lovely weekend I would leave you with another quote from my little book "Moments of Pleasure" by Paul Wilson..
"Relax and Enjoy it - Accept small pleasures as they happen. So much effort goes into trying to influence the way things happen, and so little is spent in actually appreciating them."
I wish you a weekend full to the brim of small pleasures.

Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. See you at Cheryll's tonight! Love that new fabric **giggle**

  2. love the fabric and I also have the fabric bolt problem! Lucky I haven't worked out how to fix it!!
    Enjoy your weekend, Michelle.

  3. Michelle we must be kindred spirits, even though I'm sure I am old enough to be your Mum, I have just backed a Christmas Quilt in that fabric, only mine is natural background instead of green, I love it, also love your stars. Hugs, Rosalie.

  4. Glad you're feeling better. Enjoy the weekend. Sharyn:)

  5. lol,everyone is having tim tams and cuppas tonight,love your fabric,see you tonight,you twisted my arm with the tim tams,lol.xx
    ps glad you are better.xx

  6. See you tonight Michelle. Love the fabrics. You have to watch out for those bolts. :) Hugs,

  7. Love your fabric purchases especially the one that fell into your pile. Will be joining you tonight at Cheryll's. Hugs.....

  8. Oh, so you're the one with the Tim Tams! LOL! Glad to hear you're feeling better Michelle. Lots of lovely fabric. See you tonight!

  9. I know what you mean, fabric just leaps into my arms too! You look ready for a great night, have fun.

  10. Will be joining you at cheryll's too.
    Nice pile of projects..
    Love the fabrics you tripped over.LOL

  11. Glad the arm is feeling better. Just had the same problem as you with the fabric. Needed some black, saw some other so got 25 cms of three fabrics. The lady in the shop suggested I got one more 25 cms then that would make it easy for her ( 1 metre) Didn't take me a second before I had that other 25 cms.

  12. The fabric that came home with you is lovely. What a nice pile of provisions for this evening :) Um, where do you buy those rusty bells?


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