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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Do you get that sinking feeling when you push your rotary cutter through a piece of limited fabric suddenly realising you have made the cut the wrong size and you don't have any more....aarrghhhh!
That has been the basis of my day today and of course being a big fan of using my favourites rather than the latest range available (call me old fashioned or frugal - take your pick) there was no more to be had anywhere so I have spent the majority of the day trying to match some sort of co-ordinating fabric. Thankfully it was for the back of a cushion....but I do love to match!!!
It is for an upcoming project (sneaky peek above) and I was having so much fun and it is so pretty (even if I do say so myself) Oh well it is good for the ego to have to rethink these things. So that has been my day. How about you???
There were two things I meant to share yesterday. The first a lovely birthday gift I received from my friend Sandra belatedly as she has been off swanning around the UK (lucky duck) anyway it is simply gorgeous and I am a very spoilt girl...some lovely goats milk soap and a lovely vintage hanger and gorgeous card. Love it.
How pretty :)
The other thing that I meant to do was to underline what Melody mentioned on her post on Tuesday about
Oscars Law. I try very hard to keep my blog an uplifting place. I hope I succeed. But I feel I have to remain authentically true to myself so when something I feel really strongly about  occurs I feel I have to include it.
If you love dogs visit Here and then do what you can....write to your government member. Make as many people as possible aware of the hideous practice of puppy farms so that we can stamp it out. That's what I am going to do. I am also putting Oscar's Law on my sidebar.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Oh Nooooooo. But now this cushion has a story to go with it! So that's good! I read about Oscars law too! :(

  2. Your sneaky peek is lovely, so I would say you succeeded in finding the perfect fabric!

  3. Have to say it does make me feel better when someone with your experience does that.... I don't feel such a fool now :-). It breaks my heart to see how people treat animals, pets should not be sold in pet shops. Hugs x

  4. lovely sneak peek Michelle,stamp out puppy farms.xx

  5. It is quite a shock when the brain kicks in just as you cut and you wish you had re-checked. Lucky is was for the back of the cushion but I know what you mean about wanting to match.
    Oscars Law is a good cause to support.

  6. Oh I feel your pain. I have also done that. I love how you do that whole pause thing and just look at your fabric thinking oh my gosh how did I do that.

  7. Oh dear. I do hate when I get it wrong when cutting. So pleased you found another way around it!

  8. Life is full of challenges (darn it).

  9. I have done that on more than one occasion Michelle but I am sure you were successful in finding something that is a great match .Oscars law sounds like a great cause, I hate to see pets being treated badly and those puppy farms are dreadful!

  10. I think that we all have the right to free speech on our blogs and raising awareness or having a strong opinion about something that is important to you is not a negative.

    Many the time I have cut through fabric only to realise I just screwed up. Im hunting for some fabric now because I miscalculated a border....

  11. Oh the frustration! It's times like this I'm wont to call myself some very colorful names, lol!

  12. Oh, I know that feeling Michelle of the wrong cut, you have done very well with remedying that, very pretty fabrics.
    I agree that at times it's good to feature something different in ones blog, especially when it's an issue that's important to the blogger.

  13. I hate it when I do that. Since I usually wait to long and then there is not anymore left anywhere. Oh WOW I just had to look and see what Oscar's Law was. That just breaks my heart.

  14. Oops. Yes done that myself. Love the sneaky peek. Looks fabulous. Hugs,

  15. I've done that too, when I only have a limited amount of fabric. Your cushion is going to be beautiful.


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