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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My treasure today is a little friend I have been going to share for ages. She sits atop my favourite coffee table books and looks after them for me. She is the sweetest little girl.
She is just known as "little bear" and she is made from mohair and is a wobbly head bear. Her collar is made from a piece of Vintage tatted lace. Little Bear is another one of my 'furry babies' created for me by my friend Ann and I love her. When lying down from ear to paw tip she is about 10 1/2 inches.
Look at that face. Handmade bears are my treasure today and thank you to one of my lovely followers Carin  who shared her birthday bears on her lovely blog and they just made me sigh with happiness.
Why not pop over to MELODY'S and see what treasure she has in store for us.
Today I have been bitten by the lazy bug big time and have curled up in my chair and finished reading my current Diana Gabaldon Book.
I thought only to read a little while I finished my morning coffee and ended up not moving until the last page. Plus there was a preview of her new book in the series due out next year...ooohhh! Can't wait!
I have done a little sewing though. I had to unpick some hexies  I was doing as I appliqued them on upside down....don't ya hate that! But all fixed now. This is one of those staring at and scratching the head type of projects. I think I am going to make one of those really long cushions for the couch....still thinking.
I also have made sure I did a few more stitches in my "Beyond the Garden Gate Blocks".
So apart from venturing out to a favourite coffee spot to meet a friend I haven't felt the urge to do much at all except go back to my chair and read a lovely quilting magazine I bought on my way home.
Lazy very Lazy!!!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. I know that feeling. I have those 'lazy koala' days too. Fabulous stitching, as always.

  2. fab stitching,,, we all need a lazyu day now and then

  3. some day lazy days are the best!

  4. Enjoy being lazy. We don't get the chance very often.
    Little Bear is lovely!

  5. Your Little Bear is so sweet. Lovely stitching Michelle.

  6. Lucky you, what a lovely, lazy day.

  7. i am the same today to Michelle,love your sweet hexies and your very cute bear.xx

  8. Lovely bear Michelle. Lazy days are good for the soul.. rest and recharge, then more energy for stitching!

  9. Lazy days are often the best they seem to give you more oomph for future creating days.

  10. She'd delightful, let me know if she ever needs a holiday in France!

    F x

  11. Love little bear, I am a stuffed toy junkie...have them everywhere! Today has to be lazy day, because I feel the same! Go ahead, indulge...I am, we still have the rest of the week to be energetic, right?

  12. Cute little bear and we all need those lazy days now a d then . Your stitching is lovely ! Hugs sheila

  13. I feel like being that koala today. :) Love your hexies. Hugs,

  14. Ohhh little bear is so sweet, I love her collar.
    That book of Diana Gabaldon sound sgreat. Enjoy the reading !
    Those hexies with the little cupcake (christmaspudding?) in the middle looks realy nice, love the fabrics you used.

  15. ADORABLE bear, Michelle. I too love handmade bears, I have one from my friend in England and I adore him.

    I just love reading days. And books that you can't put down, that make you sad when you're done. Your stitching looks marvelous - so very pretty!!!

  16. Your little bear is gorgeous and your stitching looks lovely too. It sure is nice to enjoy a lazy day sometimes.


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