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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lunch With Kate Morton

I feel like a star struck teenager this afternoon. My sweet friend Gaye who intoduced me to Kate Morton's books asked me to lunch at the historic Grand Hotel at Cleveland by our beautiful Moreton Bay.
With views across to Stradbroke Island.
The reason for this luncheon was to meet and listen to one of our very favourite Australian Authors Kate Morton (who by the way hails from our very own beautiful Tamborine Mountain). It was wonderful.
Kate is so delightful, charming and funny. I could have listened to her for hours. Hearing about her creative process and her inspirations was pure gold. It was such a wonderful treat when she read the introduction to her new book "The Secret Keeper" aloud to us. I just wanted her to keep going.
We had a lovely lunch, Gaye and I and as you can see I am clutching my books hoping to get them signed by Kate.
Kate was sitting at the next table to us and I was trying to behave in a manner befitting my age but couldn't quite manage it. The other thing that added to the enjoyment of our day was the four gorgeous ladies who sat next to us at our table. Lan, Cheyenne, Louise and Val. It is true readers are the nicest people. Hi Girls! Books were discussed, recommendations given and favourite authors given their dues. It was lovely. Lan works in a lucky thing. She is around books all day.
After dessert Kate was so gracious and signed our books, had photos and talked to each and every one of us.  I bought a book for my Mum as well and she signed hers too (sshh! a secret surprise for her Christmas stocking) Here I am trying not to squeal in delight.
Gaye with Kate.
Kate signing our books. Gaye bought along her sister Bev's book (another lovely friend) for a signature too.
It is such a delight when someone whose work you admire turns out to be so lovely and generous.
So thank you Kate for your fabulous talent for story telling and your beautiful spirit.
Such a day is made even more special when you share it with such a very special friend.
Thank you Gaye.
The other good news is that book number 5 is in the works. We got it from Kate herself, so there is more treasure to come. If you haven't read any of Kate's books....please treat yourself. You will not be sorry.
So that is it from me today. I am going to go to my favourite chair with a cup of coffee and reflect on this lovely day. As the song says "Somedays are diamonds and some days are stones".....THIS was a Diamond Day.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Oooh... you lucky duck! I love Kate's books. Haven't read the new one yet, a treat in store I'm sure.

  2. what a wonderful diamond day Michelle,and how happy do you look,beautiful views where you were surrounded by lovely friends,it doesnt get much better than this.xx

  3. How lovely for you Michelle, great photos too.


  4. You must have been in heaven!

    You're right, readers and quilters are the nicest people.


  5. What a lovely day for you. Such a happy post.

  6. What a wonderful day you had. I never heard about this writer but I have written down her name. I saw that they have her books here at the library so before I buy them I will going to loan one to see if I like her books :-)

  7. I haven't read her books but I think I will after this lovely post...thanks for sharing...lovely photo's.

  8. Wow ,you certainly had a diamond day,how wonderful to have been able to meet Kate,I have ordered her new book from our library and cant wait to read it.So happy for you Michelle.Cheers Joy.

  9. Oh yes, you lucky one, I like her books too. I've read The forgotten garden, in Dutch of course. My English is not good enough to read English books. And I have another book, I still must read it, I don't know the right name in English but literal translated: The forgotten letter. And I hope there follow more books in Dutch.
    Great photo's, thank you.

  10. Fantastic, it looks like you gals had a terrific day.

  11. Little did she know that she was in the presence of awesomeness too!! Just depends on your perspective.... glad you had a great day Michelle..xx

  12. Glad you had a lovely day. It looks as though it will be one of those days that you cherish for years to come. Hugs.....

  13. Wow! I have one of Kates' books, will have to dig it out! Sounds like you had a lovely day :)

  14. Hello Michelle,

    Oh such a perfect day. Your Mum will love the signed book.

    Happy reading.

  15. OMG Michelle what a wonderful Diamond Day you have had with one of my very favourite authors...and book no 5 coming...can't get much better than that! Lucky Duck!!!

  16. Oh I am jealous , lucky you , I have only read the Secret Garden but it was so delightful and I want to read more ,didn't realize she had so many . What a fun day for you and your friends!

  17. OOPS ,I think it was called the Forgotten Garden , it was a fantastic book I do remember that even if I can't remember the title .hugs Sheila

  18. oh how fun .... lovely place to go and what a lovely day you had.... Ihaven't read her books but I will now...

  19. How brilliant. I love her books too.

  20. check you out, hob nobbing with famous authors hehe

  21. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. So glad you got to get your books signed that is so exciting.

  22. Lots of great photos Michelle and looks like you enjoyed the day. I haven't read any of Kate's books, maybe in the future.......

  23. That was special. I read her books too.

  24. I haven't read any of Kate's book so thanks for the recommendation. I might just have to check them out.

    Isnt it fun when you get to meet someone you admire ? Sounds like a wonderful day.


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