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Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello all. As I enjoyed myself so much at Cheryll's Friday night stitch-a-long the other week I thought I would jump right in and join Heidi & Bobbie  for
So this is my first FNSI. Just see how you girls have led me astray. It is just lovely knowing that your stitching friends in blogland are spending the evening thinking of everyone who is stitching along. I do think I will keep this to myself however as Hubby thought I had flown the coop of reasonable thinking last
I have my bits and bobs all ready to go. I hope to work on some more ornies for the gift box and a little secret giftie too. SSShhh! Not telling!
I have been to the shops this morning and bought the necessary supplies to sustain me through the evening. I have Mint Slices too....hard to choose. Maybe one of each or two or three.
So I am all set to about you?
It is today the most glorious Queensland day in my part of the world. Hot, light breeze blowing....aahh love it!
That's it from me as I am off to pack the rest of the groceries away and you guessed it, indulge in a nice cup of coffee....
Is it to early to break open the Tim Tams yet?  Thought not!
Have a great weekend everyone and keep your needles threaded. You just never know when that window of opportunity for extra stitching will present itself.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Have fun tonight........don't eat all those bikkies!

  2. I'll be sewing too - that is for sure - was it a nice day??? too hot for me - give me the air con and I am OK. maybe i can find a mint slice or two as well...

  3. Glad you are joining us Michelle. Your projects look interesting. Didn't get myself any goodies to munch on though. :) Hugs,

  4. It's never too early for Tim Tams!

  5. Feels really weird reading this as I have only just got up on Friday! Hope you enjoy/are enjoying/enjoyed (LOL) your FNSI. Hugs

  6. think i will come to your place to sew Michelle.xx

  7. I'd never heard of a FNSI...I've joined!

    A big merci beaucoup from France.

  8. I thought everyone had TiMMy over for morning tea/coffee?
    Oh well perhaps I'll indulge with his company tonight! :)

  9. I bought Tim Tams this morning too. There were two kinds I had not tried yet: Turkish Delight and Double Chocolate Raspberry. I had to get both, of course, because it is FNSI! debbie

  10. I hope you have a wonderful stitching evening !! I'm going today stitch your ginger tea freebie and the freebie from the letter that was in my last order. Jacqueline send me the perfect thread for it !!

  11. So nice to have you as a stitching buddy tonight. Shame you didnt share the Tim Tams though. Seems I had better supply my own. lol.
    Hope you have had a good night.

  12. Have fun Michelle - I'm swooning over that pic of your flowers!

  13. Ummmm Tim Tams can be eaten at any time of the day Michelle. They are especially yummy for breakfast!


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