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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some Show & Tell and Nice Post

A little show & tell from one of my lovely followers CARIN who lives in the Netherlands and has a lovely blog called " Stitches by Carin". Carin has stitched my free Ginger Tea design and combined it beautifully with a free design she received from me when she ordered "Christmas Bakeshop". She has made them into a gorgeous wall hanging and has given me her permission to share her photo of the finished project with you all.
Look at the gorgeous "gingie" stocking she has teamed it with. Doesn't it look Beautiful. I love seeing how others stitch my designs. Carin has a lovely blog and if you click on her name at the top of my post that will take you there for a visit. Thanks for sharing it with us Carin.
Yesterday I received an order I had been waiting for that I had saved all my pennies to buy. I was as a younger girl very fond of Catherine Cookson's books and read and owned everyone. I know some think they are a bit ho hum these days but I loved them and still do. Quite a while ago they made mini movies out of them and even though I loved them they were a bit too expensive to by them all. Well! I got the best bargain on Fishpond and now I have 20 odd episodes to view at my leisure....yay!

Sadly or happily depending how you look at it all my book have been passed on to be loved by other readers. All except one which I have read several times called "Our Kate" which is an autobiography about the Authors Mother. I just love it. What are you reading at the moment?
Well this old fashioned girl is going to go and make herself a lovely cup of coffee and having decided I have played hookey long enough, I am going to get back to these blocks....
I am appliqueing  the last one and then I can do some stitchery on that bit.
Little saying.....
You are never lonely if you can read a good book. Some of my best friends are books.
Enjoy your Tuesday.
Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Carin has done a wonderful job on the wall hanging, it must be such a thrill for you! Enjoy your mini movies :)

  2. Books are the only way I can travel around the world ......

  3. Looks like you are in for a few hours of hand stitching in front of the TV with your new purchase. have a wonderful time!
    Lovely to see how your patterns are being used. Very exciting.

  4. This is a gorgeous post Michelle♥
    Carin's wall hanging is so lovely, I love the fabrics she must be great to see pics of what gets made from your designs.
    And books, well I am a book hoarder and despite having read all my Barbara Taylor Bradfords (several times each!) I cannot part with them. I hope you enjoy your DVDs!!

  5. what a great job Carin has done... I have enjoyed CC books in the past but not read for a while.. they are always nice stories... I have only recently started Elm Creek Quilt books and am only on the early ones but enjoying them... of course I enjoy a quilty novel!!!
    Why can't we win lotto and have a beach house and go stay there and watch movies and sew and read and listen to the waves?????

  6. Finally this morning I made it to the local library......I desperately needed some reading! Enjoy your DVDs. I'm not a fan of Catherine Cookson but that's OK, the world would be a dull place indeed if we all liked the same things.

  7. I used to read Catherine Cookson books too! I've enjoyed a few of the movies too! At the moment I'm reading the newest Elm Creek Quilts novel, The Giving Quilt. I have the whole collection of these books and am really enjoying this one.

  8. Carin has done a wonderful job with your stitcheries Michelle.
    I love those movies and cute sneak peek.xx

  9. Beautiful project by Carin. Catherine Cookson was one of my favourites too. We used to read each one before our library patrons got to. Got to have perks lol.

  10. Lovely ginger project - how fun to see what others do with your designs.

    My reading is all over the place, a lot of childrens novels to keep up with what my students are reading and then some just for me recently a beautiful biography about a woman who cares for orphans in Ethiopia. Amazing!

    Enjoy your little splurge.

  11. Wow Carin you have stitched such a lovely hanger,well done I love the colours and you have given me a wonderful idea of how to use the lovely designs in Michelles booklets. I LOVE CC and have read all her books and cried the day that she died. I have her wonderful book called The Girl from Leam Street,its a wonderful read as it explains why she wrote some of her stories. I have quite a collection of her DVDs and often rewatch them. My favourite one so far is Rag Nymph. I often reread her books and I am right there in the book must had been a poor servant girl in my past life ha ha. Cheers to all and be happy stitching

  12. It was so much fun to stitch the gingerbreads !!
    Enjoy your mini movies, they sound great. I can't recall if I read anything from Catherine Cookson. I just finished last night a book from Wanda E Brunstetter called The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club. I love that book !! It was my 47 th book I read this year :-) I always keep a list beginning at january 1 each year LOL

  13. Beautiful stitchery that Carin did.

    Oh I have JUST cleaned out my bookcase of all my Catherine Cookson Books and packed them up for my DD1.I also loved reading them. we are having the mini series on TV each day and it is lovely to sit and watch them. Enjoy your DVD's.

  14. Carin's done a really lovely must be so chuffed to see your work enjoyed by so many other people.

    F x

  15. Carin is a lovely crafter.
    Enjoy your dvd's.
    I am reading the Secret Garden at the moment. Such a sweet book.

  16. Love what Carin did with your wonderful designs Michelle. What a proud moment I imagine you have when "others" make use of your talent! :)

  17. Carin’s project looks fabulous. I bet you get a thrill seeing what people do with your amazing designs Michelle.

    I’m about to start the new JK Rowling book. A friend loaned it to me with a warning that its a bit dark.

  18. I also love Catherine Cookson's books, the only one I haven't read is the autobiography. I'll have to hunt that one up.

  19. I love how Carin has adapted your stitcheries into the wall hanging. have fun watching your Catherine Cookson mini movies.

  20. Carin has done a beautiful job. I have been reading the Elm Creek Series but I am stuck on one and just can not seem to finish it.

  21. Lovely post Michelle. I love what Carin made with your stitcheries ...too cute. I'm so happy you scored all those movies. That will keep you busy!! I'm reading " The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" at the moment. You can't beat a good book xx

  22. Carin has done a lovely job Michelle! At the moment I am reading The House of Memories by Monica McInerney and I have just finished The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling...I may have read a Catherine Cookson book years ago (I think it was her) was about a young girl that went to The Appalachian Mountains to teach children there...I think it was set in the 1800's sometime...I must go and have a look for it but I can't recall seeing it lately!

  23. A lovely stitchery by Carin! I get lost in the world of books, is my escape.


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