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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Up Up & Away!!

My other half has wanted for as long as I can remember to take a ride in a small plane but it was a luxury we could never afford. Imagine his delight when his boss who is a lovely man and a very caring boss invited him to take a joy flight (he has a pilots license) with him last Saturday. Well he was that excited and had a wonderful time even getting to have a little 'fly' all by himself. They flew out over our beautiful Stradbroke Island in the bay and of course have numerous beautiful photos. So I am sharing just a couple because I wanted to document his absolute delight in having had a wish come true. My husband's language of love is to give to others particularly myself and his children and grandchildren, so I was so thrilled, terrified but thrilled he got to have this experience for himself. Big thanks to Andrew!
Thumbs up at take off just like in the movies!
Now is this the face of "Excitement"
Our beautiful Moreton Bay
Flying over (Straddie) Stradbroke Island
Having a little turn at 'flying'
Home again and photo opportunity with the plane.
I also wanted a record for when I get the 2nd half of my blog printed in a couple of weeks.
It just goes to show you shouldn't give up on these little things on your 'love to do' list because of lack of funds etc. because you just never know when a wish will be granted.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. what a beautiful touching story Michelle and he does look very excited so pleased for him.
    Merry xmas Michelle.xx

  2. Oh what a wonderful experience! There's nothing quite like flying in one of the little planes.. and getting to take the controls. I did when I was about 15 and have NEVER forgotten it! Happy Holidays! :)

  3. how wonderful for your hub!
    He is quite game I reckon.

  4. Thats such a great story, I can understand exactly as my hubbie always wanted to fly .... at 66yrs Gavan learned to fly and got his licence for light aircraft. Well done to your hubbie.


  5. How cool was that? Such excitement for your husband. Hugs,

  6. That's fantastic Michelle, lucky man. Great that you have lots of photos to record the event.

  7. Well Done to DH...not that I'm into small planes but I'm sure it was a Great experience for Him..

  8. We take flying for granted - but it's still an almost magical experience - as can clearly be seen on your husband's face! He'll be dreaming of getting his pilots licence now...

  9. How awesome.... dreams do come true!

  10. Yahoo, Looks like great fun. Santa comes through with the goods once again!

  11. HOW FUN!!! And what great pics to document it - you're so right Michelle, never give up on your dreams!!!

  12. That was a totaly alsome dream come true!

  13. How exciting, what a wonderful experience for him, and even more special that he had to wait for it!!


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