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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & December's Winners!

Well we are very late to the picnic and it is very damp and rainy here as well so we have decide to picnic inside. Today 's little picnicers are my Christmas Cherished Teddies which I think are very sweet. I think they will enjoy the gingerbread and hot chocolate Mrs Claws is making.
Warm Gingerbread and Trimming the tree with hand made decorations.
Frosty and friends.
Santa Bear and Mrs Claws with yummy hot chocolate.
To see who else was at the picnic visit MELODY'S at the House on the side of the Hill.
1st draw (Walter & Patterns) is Wivi - congratulations!
2nd draw (patterns) Wendy from Charlie & Wendy.
3rd draw (patterns) Kate from Kate's Show & Tell.
If you lovely people could contact me with your snail mail address I shall send your prize to you.
Congratulations to you all and a big thank you to everyone for always leaving me such nice comments and joining in my little giveaways. It has been a priviledge to be able to share a little of myself with you wonderful people who have now become friends.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Your cherished teddies are very aptly named. I'd cherish them too. They are lovely and so very welcome on the picnic.

  2. Oh I can assure you,it's my pleasure to come by and visit! :)

  3. Your cherished teddies are beautiful Michelle, and as usual your photography is fantastic, it is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Have a very Happy Christmas and a safe , prosperous New Year. Hugs from Rosalie

  4. congrats girls a great win,lovely beicheele

  5. These are adorable Christmas bears. What a delight. Lots of lovely detail. Another wonderful part of your Christmas decorations.

  6. You're not as late to the picnic as I am. Lovely bears and welcome!

  7. Your teddies are beautiful and I love the arrangement of them. Thank you so much for win, as you know I do love your patterns! And I agree with Chreyll, it is my pleasure to visit.

  8. I am so loving all of your decorating, it's really putting me in the mood to do it myself! Congrats to the winners and keep the Christmas pics coming, girl!

  9. lovely little bear decorations.. such fun to see them... adn well done to the pattern winners... I know they will have fun with them (talking from personal experience of course!)


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