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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Rum Balls are here!

Every year my Mum makes my Brother, Sister and myself a container of rum balls as well as yummy fruit mince pies. They are like no other so delicious. We won't even entertain another opinion. So besotted are we by these treats my Mum has to sticky tape the lids down to 'tamper proof' the goodies so we delivered them in tact to each other....resisting the temptation or giving pinch a couple from each other was loads of fun.
Nannies Rum balls
This year my Mum has come to town and so mine arrived in tact with none lifted by 'lightfingered Louie' otherwise known as my Brother. I of course had to do a taste test for quality control and they passed with flying colours!! Thank goodness she has passed on her 'rum ball' know how to my Daughter with much recipe swapping and phonecalls. She now makes a mean one too.
No one can beat my Mum for the best rum balls, fruit mince pies and her apple pie is a whole other story ( I don't want to have to get the drool off this keyboard)
Happy Birthday Mother and thanks so much for the yummies!!!
Wonder what's under the tree...for ME!!!
Also wanted to show you I have been a good little elf and my pressies are under the tree....unopened!!!
Lastly I need to hear from Kate from Show and Tell and Wivi about their December wins very soon or else I will have to redraw those two prizes......
I am off to put on my 'glad rags' for a date for "High Tea" will tell you all about it later.
Have a great day,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Oh I must get the other ingredients for ours. I have the rum!! Will be making them Friday- don't sneak into the house while we're away and taste test them!!

  2. How wonderful to have those lovely goodies from your mum ... now you've got me thinking about food!

  3. I feel the same way about my grandma's recipes - thankfully she taught me herself, although my mum is doing a pretty darn good job! Happy Birthday to your mum! Enjoy your tea!

  4. you sound like you are all big kids! How wonderful to not grow up when it comes to treats from your parents.
    Have fun being a lady at high tea.

  5. Oh yumm. Just made my rum balls. :)Gotta keep an eye on them so i still have some for Christmas day. lol. Enjoy you High Tea. Hugs,

  6. Some things just say "Christmas" - and rum balls are one of them! I shall be making some this week with my big kids :)

  7. Hello Michelle,

    I have just put on a few calories reading this post. Hope you had a divine time at tea.

    happy days.

    p.s my word verification is "natta" I bet there was a bit of that going on at high tea.

  8. yummy they look so good,lucky you Michelle,and you have lots of wonderful goodies under that tree.

  9. The rum balls and mince pies sound yummy. Lucky you to have a cooking mum! Enjoy.

  10. Mmmmmmm rumballs are my favourites. I got slack this year and started buying them a month ago...I think I must be going for a rumball eating record because Im onto packet number 4.

    You better hide yours .

  11. Hope you had a wonderful high tea. I do love a good home-made mince pie and the rum balls look so delicious.

  12. Yummmmm.... rum balls.... even without the rum they are nice!


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