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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Catchup!

Those of you who read my blog will have read before how I catchup regularly with my 'old' workmates. This one was special besides being our Christmas one as we were celebrating my friend Deb's retirement. Deb and I were job share partners for a very long time and she taught me everything I had to know when I started. We became great mates and remain so today. We never have had a cross word and we were called the 'dynamic duo' because we organised ourselves and took a great deal of pride in our work.
We knew we would be mates when we discovered our mutual love of "Old Country Roses" china. So of course what do your friends buy you to celebrate.....pieces of the aforementioned china. She was so overwhelmed to be on the receiving end for a change as she is always organising something nice for others.
Michelle and Deb best receptionists ever!
Is that an excited 'whats in the parcels girls' grin.
I look forward to having lots of cuppas now she is a free woman.
Hope your having a nice weekend,
Blesssings Michelle xx


  1. how nice Michelle,lovely post,enjoy your time with your friend,i love her grin.

  2. G'day Michelle. It's great to be able to catch up with friends. Love the photos. Take care. Liz...

  3. How sweet - what a lovely gift! Congratulations to Deb!

  4. How lovely. Sounds like you both would have been awesome to work alongside too. Lovely china. Tracee xx

  5. How's great to actually like the people you work with. Beautiful china, thanks for sharing!

  6. One of life's best gifts... wonderful friends and time to share with them. So glad you found each other and are able to catch up. Love that Christmas teapot set!!!! xx

  7. What lovely photos of you and Deb. Happy retirement to Deb.

  8. So happy for you to spend time with your good friend .Beautiful china !


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