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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My poor Postie.

My poor postie has been at my door nearly every single day either with projects being returned or lovely parcels just for me.....and yesterday yep! she was there again. This time the very lovely Marina from 'maise and the boys' sent me a little parcel which contained 2 favourites for my collection - the most beautifully crocheted milk jug covers. Such a lovely surprise. Much oohhing and sighing has taken place when I saw them. Thank you so much Marina they are truly beautiful and I shall treasure them.
Truly beautiful handmade creations by Marina.
I hope you enjoy your weekend. I am now off to visit Katie the magical Greek Goddess who has the task of turning me from looking like something that has been dragged through a bush backwards into an attractive, well coiffured mature woman.....told you she had magical powers.
I was told by someone the other day when I was talking about blogging they would rather talk to 'real' people and have a 'real' life........I didn't feel the need to respond or defend my posititon but thought to myself "Honey you don't know what you are missing by never knowing the wonderful people I have had the priviledge to get to know this past year"
Blessings to all my 'real' friends out there,
Michelle xx


  1. Love the snowman, and I agree about the friends and wonderful people you meet in blogland, they don't know what they are missing!! And Michelle you don't need any magic powers you look fab with out it!
    enjoy the weekend, Michelle.

  2. I friends are the best and always will be! You must be feeling warm and fuzzie from all the post you've gotten recently? Congrats on your...

    Happy Days,

  3. Glad they finally arrived, I was getting worried they had gotten lost.
    Glad you like them...
    It is great to have the best of both worlds- bloggy friends and 'real' friends and even more so when the two overlap!
    I think I need to visit Katie! lol

  4. Lovely snowman. So cute. I agree Michelle - I love blogging & those that i've "met" through blogging.. Hugs,

  5. Your snowman is so cute. Michelle you are right I have really met some wonderful people through blog land.

  6. G'day Michelle. Love the snowman and the milk jug covers. When I told someone at work that I blog, I was told that "I need to get a life". I just laughed and didn't comment.I didn't feel the need to justify myself. By your photo Michelle, you don't look as though you need to go to Katie at all.You look pretty ok from where I'm sitting. Take care. Liz...

  7. yep you are so right Michelle blogging people are the best i have made some wonderful friends in blog land and they are the kindest people.
    How lovely of Marina to do that and they are just beautiful.ox

  8. Such a cute postie - wait on, that is just one of your ornaments. I recognise the gingies :D
    Such dainty crochet. I love jug covers.

  9. You are just in hog heaven with all the postie’s that your receiving....I would be too...such nice gifts but I'm sure they are getting nice gifts back.
    You are so right about blogger being great for us. We don't have to listen to the negativity. Like what the lady had to say. Merry Christmas

  10. I have a Katie too (except her name is Nabila ) and I'm visiting her next weekend. I always feel a million bucks when I walk out of there.

    I love your milk jug covers. They are so beautiful. I have some of those too and use them all the time.

  11. Gorgeous mil jug covers especially the heart motif one. Judging by the photo on the right, Michelle doesn't have too hard a job before her at all! You are right, they don't know what they are missing. I feel closer to a lot of bloggers I have never met than I do to people I work with every week. We have more in common & share important stuff not just the surface 'how are you' that make up most interactions. Blogging is ablessing to many of us, long may it last. Tracee xx

  12. Marina is so lovely and thoughtful.. your jug covers are just gorgeous. Love that little snowman too. I will never get over how much blogging and blog friends have changed my life over the last couple of years.. she has NO IDEA! xx


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