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Friday, December 9, 2011

Favourite things Friday with Shay.

I have just made it once again to Favourite Thing Friday with SHAY to share my favourite of which this week I have two.
The first  takes me instantly back to a summer holiday with my cousins at Woodgate when my Lovely Uncle Brian brought this treat at the one and only little shop in the place and delivered to us. The little treat which was to become my all time Summer favourite is a Mango & Cream Weis Bar. They are produced by a Toowoomba family company and are delish!!!! There is no stick they come in a packet and you make a mess eating it. They are a rectangular piece of frozen fruit with a strip of frozen cream down the side..... there is nothing like them. The original bar was a fruit salad & cream bar and then they bought out my favourite. Heaven. I don't have a photo of the proper box or bar as some one ate the last one and disposed of the box. So I can only show you the Sorbet box which is also yum but as they are still in the freezer you know which ones don't last around here!
Our wonderful Queensland treat.
This is where I first tasted the wonderful "Weis" Bar on Woodgate beach (what a photo!!! EEK!)
My husband now is the one who goes to the shop and brings them home on hot Summer days to cries of YaY! Weis Bars.
The 2nd favourite I have today is when the Christmas tree is finally decorated and the lights get turned on....then it really feels like Christmas is a round the corner.
What is your favourite thing this Friday?
Have a wonderful weekend,
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Weiss bars are yummy, no doubt about it. When I was young my fav was Splice, similar but not real fruit. Your tree is lovely. I take a picture of my tree every year, never get sick of it.

  2. how pretty that tree looks Michelle and i have never tried a weiss bar.

  3. Yumm Weiss bars, mmmmm.
    My Christmas tree is still in it's box, I'm hoping I find enough Christmas spirit to start decorating soon. Your tree looks so beautiful.

  4. I have tried a Weiss Bar & they are a real treat. As a kid, I loved lemonade popsicles. You tree looks stunning. Must feel a lot like Christmas now in your house. Tracee xx

  5. Woodgate is a Great still has that Old Town Feel about it..
    Never Really into the Old Weiss Bars more Gaytimes for Me..
    Your Tree looks Gorgeous.

  6. Beautiful tree, I may have a big one next year and the cat is out of the tear up everything stage.

  7. The Weis bars sound pretty amazing. Pretty tree! Mine needs new lights, which is this weekend's job.

  8. I just love reading about Christmas and summer together. Here in the States it is of course, always Christmas and winter. While I understand this logically, it's so cool to read about in real life. The last thing I want this time of year is something cold. LOL! Great favorite thing!

  9. OK I don't like icecream (Yeah I know I'm a freak ) but I do love those Weis Bars. I get this favourite 100%.

    For me it's Christmas when the tree goes up and all the shopping is done.

    Your tree looks as fabulous as the rest of the house !

  10. The Weiss bars sound heavenly. It is still amazing to me to think of Christmas during the warm time of year. How neat to be able to delve into a new sensation! Your tree is gorgeous.

  11. Oh i so loooove Weiss bars. Haven't had one in a while & now i want one. Bit cold though today to have one. :( Your tree looks pretty. Hugs,

  12. G'day Michelle. I couldn't agree more about the Weiss bars, they are yummy. Your tree looks just beautiful. Take care. Liz...

  13. Yayayaya Toowoomba... I love those bars too... so refreshing... your tree looks great....

  14. The Bars sound delicious, I love mango flavoured treats! My favourite Friday tradition is homemade pizza and watching a DVD, always feel like the start of the weekend. Your tree is gorgeous.

  15. Mmm! Those Weiss bars look delicious. I can see why they'd be a favourite. ☺ Your tree is pretty and festive! Yes, it feels as though Christmas should arrive any day. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! ☺


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