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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Naughty but Nice

Yesterday I had the 'Coffee Club' experience with my friend Ann for a Christmas catchup. As I said in my previous post we exchange an ornament for our tree. Earlier this year Ann was off travelling and called by the USA on her way home. She visited the Thomas Kinkade shop and yep! bought me this gorgeous plaque which is 'techically an ornament (very naughty she never plays by the rules) it is beautiful. Not to mention the gorgeous Christmas card handmade by her as well. Ann has done a lot of travelling and never fails to bring me back  beauitful ornaments as mementoes of her trip. So I am lucky enough to have ornaments from all over the world on my Christmas tree.
Very Naughty!!
To top off a lovely day I came home to find a beautiful card from FIONA from Bubzrugz which had attached one of her beautiful recycled 'snowflake' ornaments I had admired on her blog. I love something that has been re-purposed and given a new life as something is now hanging very beautifully on my tree. Thank you so much Fiona I love it and will treasure it.....another very Naughty but Nice person. xxxx
I would have to say decorating our tree (after having lost all our ornaments) is the thing I love most to do at Christmas as there are so many memories and keepsakes from so many friends and family and I think about each and everyone of them as I put their ornaments on the tree. So thank you to all those Naughty but Nice people who have contributed so beautifully to our Christmas tree. You put the heart into our Christmas.

Oh so pretty!!
I have still some deadlines to meet so I am going to get off here and take to my stitching chair, put on a DVD and get to work.
"If Christmas does not dwell in your Heart you will never find it under the Christmas Tree"
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. what a wonderful post and isnt it fantastic to be surrounded by the nicest,loviest people.
    Fiona makes the loviest recycled xmas decorations and cards.Merry xmas Michelle to you and your love ones.xx

  2. What lovely memories you have hanging on your tree. Happy Holidays! :)

  3. It's always a pleasure to stop by your blog and get caught up, Michelle. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. Wonderful ornaments ,a wonderful addition to your tree. Nice to have thes great addtions from two wonderful friendsHugs Sheila

  5. How beautiful - yes, it's the memories that keep me pulling those decorations out! That's the fun part!

  6. How lucky you are to have a friend that would buy you a Thomas Kinkade ornament. I absolutely love his work. Merry Christmas....Trish

  7. Beautiful ornaments and card and beautiful friends. Hope you got your sewing finished.

  8. They are beautiful new ornaments, yes it's lovely to remember where each ornament came from and all the special memories.

  9. Those friends of yours may be naughty but your new ornaments are very nice.
    Can I just say Anne followed the rules that it an ornament!
    Enjoy your tree of friends and memories.


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