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Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weekend That Was with Stitching.

Saturday afternoon the sky looked like this!!!!
Sunday afternoon the sky looked like this!
Welcome to Monday Everyone. Well didn't we have some wild and wooly weather over the weekend. We were visited by very black, green and forboding skies on Saturday afternoon and a very fierce storm arrived soon after. We thankfully didn't get any damage but many other poor souls did. Mother Nature is a force to reckoned with when she gets angry that is for sure. The photo doesn't really show how dark it was. It was if it was night time. The vegies have gone nuts, we even had enough lettuce for a salad and sandwich. Yum!
Anyway weather side the Dear One was on call so we were kept pretty close to home and so....stitching!!
I have a couple of sneak peeks to show you of what I have been working on that will be revealed much later down the track.
I also only have 2 blocks to go on "My Country Garden" woo hoo!
The colours haven't shown up properly but they are very rich especially the chocolate. It was a jelly roll from Moda (Barbara Brackman's Climbing Jacobs Ladder) I recieved as a gift from a very nice friend.
Hmm! What will you be???
And of course some redwork......did I tell you I love redwork...oh I remember many times. Sorry!
Aren't they just so pretty!
I know I am a bit behind everyone else but I have seen all you stitchers out there doing lovely things with this thread so... last week I bought some gorgeous "Cottage Garden Threads" from MAREE at Ollie & May to try out on a special project I have in mind featuring my furry little favourites...some bears. Oh they are just so beautiful to stitch with and the colours...devine!  I might even have to have some more yet.I like that they are hand dyed here in Australia too. The only problem I have is that they look so cute in their wrappers I hate to undo them to use. BUT I WILL! And I have!
Well that was my weekend doings. I hope you enjoyed yours!
I am off to 'bend and stretch' and undo some of the 'curled on the couch stitching' crinks.
Enjoy your day.

"Just about everything can be repaired by a little stitch of thread or love and kindness"
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Your sewing is looking so lovely Michelle, I wonder what the sneak peek will be! I love the cottage garden threads too.

  2. lovely post Michelle,i cant believe that dark sky how scary,lovely projects,well done

  3. Hi Michelle, the weather was a little more kind to us down here, Elizabeth, Melody and I had a lovely day at the Kilmore Quilt show,fabulous Quilts, great food and very good company, see Mel's Blog for a slide show. We only had a few spits of rain on the way home. Your stitching is lovely, looking forward to seeing the results. Cheers R.

  4. We sure have had some hairy scary storms lately!!! I hope that's the last of them. Love your stitching... and I love cottage garden threads. you've picked some gorgeous colours xx

  5. I love redwork too. :) lol. Love cottage garden threads too.

  6. WE have had storms too... a bit of hail but nothing like brissy has had.... as you say good for the garden and good for the stitching... you have got lots of lovely things happening...

  7. Hello Michelle,

    Thank heavens you are all safe. Nothing like staying inside stitching. Happy stitching.

    p.s. glad to hear the veg are growing and you are getting to eat them.

  8. Those are some scary clouds for sure! Glad you're ok. Love the look of your stitching!

  9. Blerk weather is always a good excuse to get creative and make lovely things.

    I havent used Cottage Garden threads yet but I keep hearing such good things about them I think I'll have to invest in some!

  10. Yes it wasn't very nice on Saturday, but Sunday was perfect. Monday was blah as well, perfect sewing weather. Lots of beautiful things you have been working on Michelle, lovely.

  11. G'day Michelle. Your sewing looks just lovely. I have been using Cottage Garden Threads for some time now and I just love them. I recently bought another four and yes, they do look great when you get them and it's a shame to open them up, but they are such a pleasure to use. Take care. Liz...


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