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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Craft show Brisbane

Well I had a great day in at the Craft & Quilt show today....I am very weary and I am sure I am shorter from all the wandering from stand to stand. I wasn't too wicked but I did buy some lovely notions, a NEW rotary cutter (I've killed my old one) which is a lovely pink one supporting Breast Cancer Research, a beautiful book to help me make sense of what on earth to do with these jelly rolls I love the look of and have to have but not being to crash hot in the piecing department leave me flummoxed. I also bought a few little bits for swap pressies.
I also had a lovely wander amongst all the quilts on display and I don't know there is something wonderful about being surrounded by a whole host of favourites were 2 restored vintage quilts, one a double wedding ring quilt. Sorry no photos as I didn't know which ones to take and which ones to leave.
Danielle and I at the Express stand.
One of the primary reasons I went into the show was to meet in person the lovely editor of Country Threads Magazine, Danielle Tebb. She is such a delight to work with. We talk on the phone regularly and emails fly thick and fast between us but I had never met her in the flesh so to speak, so when she told me  she was hosting the Express Publications stand in Brisbane we arranged to catch up and it was wonderful to finally meet her  face to face for a chat(and assure her I was on task with my commissions lol). Promise!
I then popped along to Thread & Gingers lovely stand to check out my quilt and bits and felt very chuffed indeed to see them up there on the wall. Even saw one of my pattterns bought while I was there and got to thank the purchaser...Woo Hoo! I did take a photo but it is not that great as I didn't want to shove the customers aside to get a better pic....not a good look. LOL! So if you look over to the right above Nats head you will see them on the wall. Natalie's stand looks beautiful as usual.

Here they are very exciting!!!
Well that's enough excitemnt for one day and it's back to the real world and decide 'what's for dinner?'
Blessings Michelle x


  1. Very exciting!
    I'm going there on Saturday so will check them out :)

  2. That is so exciting to see your work on display AND to see someone buying your pattern!!!
    And I see another publication with all your gorgeous work in it again. This is the third one I have seen in the last couple of months. In fact in this magazine I reckon you are just about on every second page!*Grin*
    My favourites this time are the little felt stockings. So cute.
    Congratulations on all the great achievements in the last couple of months.

  3. so exciting for you Michelle,and the stand looks great,well done and i hope all your patterns are sold.oxox

  4. what a great day.
    Must be so rewarding to see your projects on display and designs being purchased.
    Well done.

  5. Congratulations Michelle. My sister and I will be at the show on Saturday so I will make sure to check out your work.

  6. Excitement galore. I was going to go today but had to change plans so i'm going Saturday instead. Hugs

  7. Glad you had a great day.... good to meet friends and it must be a special feeling seeing your work displayed there.... so we will be seeing some jelly roll quilts soon?

  8. Sounds like a Great Day All Round..I'm sure your Patterns will do Really Well..Noice Pics.

  9. How exciting for you Michelle, I hope your patterns sell out!

  10. How fun, and how gratifying to see your patterns being sold, that's awesome!

  11. I love your Christmas Bakeshop quilt Michelle. I am sure these patterns will sell out.

  12. I had a great day too Michelle. Your quilt looked beautiful. What a fun day my friends and I had. I bought some buttons and lovely background fabric. I was really looking for the stripe for "Christmas Bakeshop", but didn't see anything I liked. We are off to our retreat next weekend and go via Maleny Magic Patchwork Shop so will look there. Have a lovely weekend.


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