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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

My treasure today is a little dream of mine from childhood that has come true. As a child as I have mentioned before I had a book called Peg Maltby's "Pegs Fairy Book" Due to circumstances beyond my control this book became lost to me. I was devestated as I could get lost in the illustrtions in this book for hours.
All of my travelling friends were always given instructions that if they ever saw a copy to buy it for me. They have now become as rare as hens teeth. Well my dear friend Gaye on recent travels to Victoria came across a copy in Echuca and I got a frantic phone call.....did I want it. YES!!!!!! It is not as old as my copy was and has a little bit of creative artwork done by another enthusiastic owner but how my heart rejoiced to look at the beautiful artwork and revisit these stories.
Peg Maltby was born in England in 1899 and came to Australia with her husband in 1924. They settled in Victoria where they lived all their lives. In 1946 they moved to Olinda in the Dandenongs (a favourite place of mine). She was a prolific artist and author of childrens books. Peg lived through the depression and supplemented the family income by painting chocolate box lids and birthday cards. When Angus and Robertson decided to reprint the book they discovered the artwork plates had gone missing so Peg at 75 yrs redid all the artwork...amazing woman. Peg died in 1985. My childhood was enriched by her artwork.
My Favourite page always the Fairy princess in the "Gown of cobweb lace" with pink gum blossoms sewn around the hem. I would stare at this page for hours and knew every little detail. Wonder if this is where the love of stitching was born.  Love the tailor on the mushroom.
"Mr Pintuck" the tailor..a favourite character from the "Gown of cobweb lace"Stitching Hmmm!
Bed time a story about quilt hogging litttle field mice....wonder if this where the seeds were sown about patchwork quilts.
So my 2 treaures today are Peg Maltby's beautiful artwork and my dear friend Gaye who remembered my dearest wish on her holiday and helped make it come true. Thank you Gaye you are a real treasure.
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This quote is on a beautiful book mark I have which features a beautiful faerie by Selena Fenech.
"Small Things"
Some faeiries are beings of pure sunlight and mirth,
who fish for riddles, and fly with dreams,
speak with butterflies and sing to streams,
spending their days,
telling stories of small things
and dragons wings.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. how inyeresting Michelle i had never heard of this book,very pretty drawings

  2. This is a glorious book Michelle, I can see why you are so happy to have this copy, I have never heard of the book, glorious drawings. Cheers Kaylee

  3. What a wonderful story with a truly wonderful ending , so glad your friend Gaye found you a copy of your favorite childhood book ,the book does look delightful with incredible artwork I can understand why you treasure it so.

  4. Beautiful book & thoughful friend. I can see why you love it. What a talented lady. Tracee xx

  5. Hello Michelle,

    I remember these books and loved them too. So lovely of your friend to find it for you. Amazing story about the artwork.
    Happy days.

  6. Treasure indeed! What a gorgeous book. And what a lovely friend to remember!! I could sit and stare at those pictures for hours.

  7. gorgeous illustrations, I can see why you treasured this book.
    Love your new stitchery too. Seems I have missed a few posts.

  8. Hello Michelle, I am so glad you have a copy of your favorite book again. I loved Peg Maltby too, one of my chldhood books written and illustrated by Peg that has survived is"Pip and Pepita's New Home" about two little country mice,I had several "Pip and Pepita" books but this is the only one left. Blogger won't let me Blog today but one day I will post pictures from the book for you. Cheers R.

  9. What a beautiful book. I can see why you treasure it and good that you have got another copy.

  10. How lovely that you got the book... and lovely pictures... I have a 'fairy' book... I must pull it out....
    There is so much detail in the pictures.. and I loved that you found out so much about the artist...

  11. That's just wonderful that your friend got the book for you. The pictures are truly beautiful.. no wonder you love it. xx

  12. Such a beautiful post. Your friend is fabulous to find this wonderful book for you. No wonder you love it so much.

    Just wanted to leave a note to let everyone know that my 'Christmas Fixin's' arrived+they are so so darling! Can't wait to stitch one!

  14. Those illustrations are just gorgeous Michelle.

    I love older books with their fancy pictures and books that evoke memories of childhood. Gaye is a treasure indeed having found that for you!

  15. What a beautiful book. I can understand why you where so keen to replace it. Good friends the true treasurers in all our lives. where would we be with out them

  16. How wonderful to get a copy of your childhood favourite Michelle. Your lovely friend Gaye is a treasure too I think. I can see why you were captivated by the artwork. It is truly beautiful. What a lovely cross-stitch that Gown of Cobweb Lace would make.

  17. What a lovely post Michelle, your book looks like a beautiful treasure to have, what amazing pictures.

  18. Who can resist fairies? (other than my daughter, who to my great disappointment was never overly fussed by them, upsetting many of my sewing plans when she was young!)

    This is a lovely book, with such a lovely story attached.


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