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Friday, October 14, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

Here we are at the tail end of the week and time to ponder on a 'favourite' and link up with the witty and wise SHAY for  Favourite Things Friday. I am sharing a favourite of mine that will bore some of you to the back teeth but that's ok. Look away now! A favourite of mine is 'tins' of all kinds. I have gathered quite a collection over the years and I have to say when I am given a gift that comes in a tin it's the tin that gets my attention first. Shocking admission I know. I think it stems from (and this will scare you) the fact that we had homebaked biscuits most of the time as a child and if we did have storebought you bought a few and they were sold by weight and you bought them home in a paper bag. So when the family recieved a tin of biscuits it was very special indeed and the tin was put to good use long after the contents were demolished.
So that is the only excuse I can offer and I think when my children read this they will become even my terrified.... more of my junk to be rid off one day. LOL! I love the fact that something so beautiful and some are beautiful can get a second life.....holding your sewing or threads or a new batch of biscuits. Your choice is endless. LOVE TINS!
I am so glad I am actually here to write this post after the 'humungous' storm we had yesterday I thought we would be blown to kingdom come. I was so glad my Son dropped in on his way home from work so I could at least appear brave AND I feared for my vegies. They came through unharmed....but more storms are predicted for today and tomorrow.

"Tea tins"
"Christmas tins" These are but a few the rest are packed away but will soon be getting an airing.
"Sewing tins" the one with blue flowers was my Nans as was the little pin tin on top.
"Chocolate tins" now there is a real surprise for you! Several are from overseas.
Aussie icon "Arnotts" tins which are no longer Aussie.
Old tins I just like
Well I am off to do some work now.....patterns to get copied and photos to get printed because all you lovely stitching sisters out there liked my Chrissy patterns so much I am running out. So Thanks a bunch!!
"Gifts of Christmas" cushion
Have a great day and I wish you a weekend of things you enjoy.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. I love tins too! They are so interesting and in a pinch can be used to give gifts!

  2. Michelle, your tins are gorgeous. I bought some news ones recently when we visited Belgium. Unfortunately they contained chocolates and biscuits which had to be eaten!! My husband just shakes his head!

  3. Your tins are so pretty! My mum collects them too - we bake cookies for Christmas and they all go into tins for gifts. Stay safe in the storms!

  4. My name is Teresa and I am a tinaholic (just like you). I don't know what it is about them, but I just can't help myself. In fact I recognised a few of your tins from my collection he he.. They do make wonderful gifts filled with goodies (if you can part with them that is!!) Glad to hear your Christmas Stitchery book is doing well xx

  5. Judging by Teresa's post this is a tinaholic's anonymous meeting. lol
    I have quite a collection of tins too. Not that I want to collect them but once I had bought a few special ones people around me seem to think I would like more! They tend to multiply......
    I try to use mine to store sewing bits and bobs so that they are reused. My kids worry about having to get rid of all my collections too.

  6. Have to admit to a tin fetish as well, though my collection is not as big as yours, but I have been known to buy ridiculous items just for the tin. Great FTF

  7. Lovely collection Michelle. I must confess to being a bit of a tinaholic also, but as yet, mine haven't multiplied quite as much as yours!

  8. Beautiful tins. You have a lovely collection there.
    We were so lucky and completely escaped the storms yesterday, we just had a little bit of rain and some thunder in the distance. I was amazed at how bad they were in Brisbane, so much hail! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow, and hope they are not as bad for you (and me too).

  9. Your tins are great... do you use them? I miss the good old cake tins my mum always used.... keep safe.. we had a storm too but not as bad as yours....

  10. Very pretty, Michelle!

    I saw something on Pinterest where someone planted their countertop herbs in vintage tea tins. It looked adorable!

  11. I too love tins but give them away as gifts filled with home-baked goodies. Your tins are beautiful. Don't know that I could give those away. I also like Kirsten's shared idea. Blessings on your weekend!

  12. Some beautiful tins there Michelle. I think the chocolate tins hold the most appeal for me (probably because of their former contents!)

    I have a few tins of my own that I use for sewing and storing baking supplies.(I have an impressive collection of patty pans )

    Im so old I recall when ice cream came in tins and before that it came in paper bricks!

    A wonderful FTF!

  13. You have a great collection of tins. Lets hope your kids will make sure someone else that loves tins will get them to enjoy. Trish

  14. I also love tins and have a few but not nearly as many as you . You have a really nice collection ,especially love your grandmothers . Glad you came through the storm unharmed .

  15. I will admit to being a collector of tins, too. I can remember being very excited as a kid being given a tin because we took them to school to use to hold our pencils.
    Hope you get through the storms without damage. Good luck.

  16. Hello Michelle,

    I bet you have got people going to there cupboards to see how many tines they have now. Hope those storms are gone. Nothing worse than big claps of thunder.
    Happy days.

  17. Love the tins.. you sure do have a big collection! My mum used to work at McVitie and Price ( English biscuit factory ) for a while and used to bring home the broken biscuits in a big plastic bag.Friday's treat!

  18. You have a wonderful collection of tins! I'm drawn to them too, they're so colorful and beg to be handled.

  19. Oh my ... you have a fantastic collection of tins!
    They're lovely to look at and great for storage.


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