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Monday, October 10, 2011

Finished block.

Here we are with a brand newy shiny week stretching out in front of us. I got to finish my 7th block in my "Country Garden" quilt accompanied by the revving of many, many V8 racing cars yesterday.
I am obliged to say "Well done HDT" There I've done my duty as the wife of a Holden nut!

Strawberry block from Country Garden quilt
I also thought I would give you an update on my new vegie garden I know very boring but I am so thrilled at it's progress not to mention downright amazed. I actually have flowers on my tomatoes...woohoo!               
Ain't that a beautiful sight! Even No 1 Grandson is impressed!
Yummy beetroot and lettuce (2 varieties are you impressed) I am!!
Well I hope you all enjoy your brand new Monday. Don't forget to spread the smiles and love around... you may just change someone's life for the better perhaps your own and not even know it. Me I have a date with my Yoga mat and my lovely Yoga sisters and I am really looking forward to it.               
Blessings Michelle xx                              


  1. Vegie garden looks great. I have heard the flowers you have planted will help keep bugs away....I am guessing you already know this. Great week ahead, have a good one. Trish

  2. Love the vegie patch. Must show it to DH as DD2 wants to do something similar. Stitching versus Bathurst.. mmmm I'll take stitching any day. Just as a BTW on Mel's slide show it's me and Rosalie standing by the quilt. That way you can put a face to a name. As you look its me on the left and Rosalie on the right( how's that LL and RR)

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Love your vegie garden, it is going great guns. Won't mention why people drive round and round a race track using up all that fuel and making a hell of a racket when they could be doing some stitching!!!

  4. Your vegie garden is looking wonderful, how nice for you when you can pick your own salad!! I love your stitchery block.

  5. Lovely stitching Michelle, and the vegie garden is progressing so well. Cheers R

  6. Oh lookie lookie you are so clever I am impressed! I'm very happy to see marigolds in your veggie garden too, I'm a companion planting fan. Your strawberry basket is delightful too.

  7. So much stitching gets done during sports!! Love the strawberries and most impressed with your vege patch... I will have to take apicture of mine too... I have never grown beetroot successfully...

  8. Looks like lots of yummy salads growing there. Your garden is lovely Michelle. Sunday was a great day for stitching , accompanied by the roaring of the Holdens!

  9. Lovely block Michelle and your garden is really coming along well, you should be proud of it :-)

  10. It's great to see the garden going so well. Lots to look forward to. Perfect embroidery to go with the garden!

  11. That stitchery is SO DARLING!!! Good job! Your garden looks amazing...enjoy the bounty!


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