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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Isn't it Pretty!

I just had to show a photo of my lovely new PINK rotary cutter I bought yesterday from the Scissorman at the show. Both my Mum, Nan and a very dear friend were sufferers and survivors of breast cancer and as October is Breast Cancer awarness month I thought it was very approriate to buy this one...50c of every special pink one goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Win/Win for me and I love making my $$$$$$ count.

My friend Cathy's beautiful pink rose "Seduction"
Now I know I am becoming like one of those overbearing boring Mothers who only ever want to talk about "Their" little darlings and don't give a fig to hear about your little darlings....BUT  it's my blog and I get to talk so.....just had to show you my 'baby pumpkin' and 'baby tomatoes'. Ssssshhhh! I can hear you groaning but they are so cute and I feel like a real genuine vegie gardener. Everything has gone crazy.
Can you see the wee pumpkin cute!
And a whole bract of baby Roma tomatoes!
Ok I am done oohing and aahing now. I am off to do the grocery buying (yuk! I know it is a blessing to be able to) and pay the bills....gotta love that.
Enjoy your day and give a smile or two away,
Blessings Michelle x


  1. G'day Michelle. Love that rotary cutter. Of course pink is my favouritr color, so that's another plus and it sure is for a wonderful cause, which makes it best of all. Your vegie photos are so cute. Take care. Liz...

  2. gotta love your pink cutter.
    Love your baby pics, don't apologise they are just adorable!

  3. Cute pink cutter, and bonus it's for charity! Your pumpkins and tomatoes are just DARLING - I love seeing veggies in the baby stage!

  4. definitely your blog and you talk about what you want... its called blogpower... and we have it!! love the pink rotary.. I got blades from him last year and they are still going... so you have tomatoes too now... I am jealous of your pumpkin!!

  5. lovely post Michelle and i think your baby pumpkin is cute.

  6. I love your pink cutter, I got the pink cutting mat that matches! I always love roses and your vege garden is looking good. It was a beautiful photo of you in the previous post too!

  7. Your cutter is cute. Pink is a great color too. I do not think I have ever seen a baby pumpkin. How cute is that.

  8. Great cause to help by buying the cutter. Baby veges are cute just like any other babies. It is also fun to watch them grow. You should be very proud.

  9. Hi Michelle, glad to see you back. Love to see what's growing in your garden. Hugs,


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