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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Winner of June Giveaway!

Well folks the winner of the June giveaway is our lovely friend across the sea "SHEILA"! Congratulations Sheila! If you could email me your snail mail address I shall forward your win to you. Thanks everyone for participating. Next month because I love all things Christmas the giveaway will  be"Yultide" flavoured so stay tuned.
Yesterday I assembled a wallhanging  ( Angel of the Teaparty) I have been working on since last year in drips and drabs. I would get a move on and then lose after a bit of a word to myself I completed the stitchery over the long weekend and it's now ready to be quilted and finished. I don't know why I got stuck on this one as it's quite nice finished. The lovely rosey fabric is from "Thread & Ginger" at Victoria Point. Sorry the photos are a bit dark. How I envy you wonderful photographers out there.
I  have also decided to tease my Santa sack partner Tarnyia a little by showing her a peek of what's going on here....even though I realised when I saw the photo it's not much of a peek....anyway...the sack (bag) is finished and the wrapping paper is at the ready...some goodies waiting to be wrapped and I am impressed with myself that I'm ahead of time. Phew!
Have a great day,
Sheila's win!
Angel of the Teaparty Wallhanging.
Tarnyia's sneek peek


  1. congrats Sheila and your wallhanging looks great Michelle and what a tease you are,lol.

  2. Well done Shelia.... now I am curious xxx

  3. What a darling little wallhanging! Very sweet!

  4. Your wallhanging is so pretty! Isn't it a nice feeling getting a WIP done!

  5. Oh my, this has made my day , it is raining and miserable outside but I am smiling because I have won this adorable giveaway .Thank you sooooooooo much Michelle this is just so exciting and I love your new little angel quilt you are a gifted artist.
    hugs Sheila


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