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Monday, June 20, 2011

All Blissed Out.

Well my weekend away was wonderful and although we ended up with a smaller group than we thought it was  just lovely. I am very happy I managed to get up early each morning 6.30am for meditation and Yoga at 7.15am.  which was practised in a lovely room with an amazing circular window through which you could see the huge gum trees and birds. It was absolutely freezing up there but oh so beautiful. Katrina (with her little bump) guided all the yoga classes and meditations....what an amazing, caring and beautiful person she is...we all just love being with her. She even gave us a lovely gift each...a cute tote and a notebook featuring her gorgeous art work. Di who hosts these events looked after us so beautifully and we were fed and loved within an inch of our lives with extra treats lovingly supplied by Janeen.
It is such a beautiful pristine place and very strict enviromental and ecological practices ensure it's preserved that way. We saw lots of birds, wallabies and could hear the shy Whipbird's call constantly (which I just loved).
There is a creek and waterfall on the property and we walked to both. The waterfall has a 100metre drop straight down with views over the valley to Beechmont. I had to take the opportunity to take some pics there (I took lots of photos) and at the creek. I did get to do some stitching by the fire and will show you later.
I indulged myself and bought a new yoga mat featuring Katrina's lovely artwork. I chose the Lotus version as it is my favourite...I also have a shirt with this design. You can visit Katrina's website at and see all her lovely artwork.
Beautiful grounds at Retreat
Katrina & Helen & little E
Di, Helen & I in all our warm layers
Waterfall edge & view across the valley
Me at the waterfall crossing
Helen & Janeen at the waterfalls edge
Janeen & I at the edge of the waterfall (don't know what I am doing???)
Helen enjoying the peace down at the creek
The fast flowing creek (so pristine)
Katrina's gift to us all
my lovely new yoga mat
Beautiful circular window in meditation room.
Anyway I hope blogger lets me post all this photos and you don't get too bored. Have a great Monday everyone...Guess what? I'm off to Yoga class.....I think a certain someone may be asleep on her lovely new mat.


  1. Michelle this is heaven,ohh you are so lucky i wish i was in your suitcase,glad you had a great time.

  2. This does sound heavenly and what a beautiful place. I'm sure you feel fantastic after such a wonderful retreat.

  3. Hello Michelle,

    Sounds like the perfect location, I was just waiting for the Norsca man to appear near the waterfall.
    Happy Monday.

  4. You lucky lady going to a yoga retreat. I looks fabulous and I just love the colour of your new mat :)

  5. What a Beautiful setting Michelle, it must have been a Blissful weekend, glad you had such a lovely time, thanks for sharing your photos. Cheers R.

  6. Oh it looks so beautiful and so peaceful , it must have been an amazing weekend and I really enjoyed seeing the views of the area . Lucky you!

  7. It sounds wonderful. Beautiful scenery and pictures. So I take it all is zen with your world again and you're ready to be ultra creative.

    There's something about getting away from the every day that always stimulates my creativity.
    Glad you had a relaxing time.

  8. Bored? Are you kidding! I absolutely lapped up every photo wishing it was me! What a lovely place ... Perfect for meditation ..... Ohmmmmmm .....


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