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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

The sweet bear all dressed and ready for todays picnic is known as "Boonah Bear" as this is where she was made by my friend Ann. Boonah is a little country town about 2 hours west of where I live. I used to go there with Ann and a quilting group for retreats. One Queens Birthday weekend we were very excited to being going for a long weekend of lots of sewing and we had planned on stitching this cute bear. I was struck down with a really bad dose of Bronchitis and couldn't get out of bed let alone go to Boonah. I was so disappointed. So I tucked myself up in bed and felt sorry for myself all weekend. Late Sunday afternoon there was a knock at my front door and in walked my best mate with this little girl telling me she had made one for me too because I'd had to stay home. Call me sentimental but I love this bear and my best mate. This is the type of friend she is. Now Boonah has her lovely stylish green hat on but she removed it for one of the shots to show what beautiful furry ears she has underneath. She is 27 inches tall and has lovely green felt slippers and a lovely floral dress with a lace collar. I wonder who she will get to chat with today....
In her favorite chair
I'm ready for my close up Mr De Mille!
My lovely ears without my stylish chapeau.
Pop over to Melodys at and see.


  1. Oh how lovely... what a great friend and what a great little bear....

  2. Lovely Michelle. What a wonderful friend. The bear is gorgeous. Hugs,

  3. Michelle how lucky are you ... a beautiful bear and a truly special friend

  4. Boonah bear is gorgeous, hope she keeps her hat on while she is out and about in this weather.
    Enjoy the picnic.

  5. What a sweet bear and what a sweet friend - Boonah is just gorgeous!

  6. What a lovely friend and a lovely bear. Lucky you! She is a gorgeous bear with a lovely, gentle face. Tell her to keep the slippers on today - it's cold.

  7. Boonah Bear is just beautiful Michelle,a lovely keepsake from a fabulous friend, Ann must be a very special, caring person. Cheers R.

  8. What a sweet bear and what a lovely friend. Thank you so much for coming on the picnic.

  9. Such a lovely bear and I love her hat , your friend is special to give you such a beautiful bear . hugs


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