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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody & Santa Sack Swap

Webster & Winnie are all set for the picnic today and even though the sun is shining I think Winnie will need a coat. These are two bears I made  when I had Ann by my side to assist in the tantrum throwing bear making that was my way back then....and are from the designers "Teddy Bits". It was the first time I had attempted the plucked nose and was quite pleased with myself eventually. I think they are so cute together. I love" Websters" overalls. To see who else has braved the cold for todays picnic visit Melody at
Santa Sack Swap:
Well yesterday I posted off my Swap parcel to the lovely Tarnyia away across in W.A so keep your eyes peeled Tarnyia......BUT Guess who forgot to take a photo of it and the momentus occassion.
I worry about myself sometimes really I do. Anyway I hope you like it Tarnyia and remember no peeking and only minimal squeezing as they could very well be booby trapped.
Blessings Michelle


  1. Webster and Winnie so sweet Michelle. Cheers Kaylee

  2. Those bears are delightful - really sweet faces!

  3. Lovely bears so glad they braved the elements for the picnic today.
    They both have such pretty faces.

  4. ha ha Tarnyia wont be game enough now to touch, it could blow up lol,cute as bears Michelle

  5. You did a great job on making the bears they are so cute. Hope they enjoyed the party. Trish

  6. Webster and Winnie are a delightful pair. You did a great job with the faces. I'm glad this pair did not get tossed!

  7. Gorgeous as always Michelle,they make a sweet couple. Cheers R

  8. Winnie and Webster are adorable bears , just love their facial expressions . hugs Sheila


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