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Friday, June 10, 2011

Favourite things Friday and Floral Friday.

Well my favourite thing this Friday is Sunshine glorious Sunshine. yesterday was so miserable. I also have my favourite place to sit and read or stitch. It is my little front verandah....not very big but has a big weeping bottlebrush tree in front of it and you feel like you are sitting in the tree. Lots of feathered friends come to visit and they take no notice that I'm even there. It's so lovely sitting out there with a cup of coffee. I live in a very suburban street so there are houses just across the road but that lovely tree enhances it all. In spring my Jacaranda tree also close by bursts into glorious colour and its a gorgeous place to be. For more favourites pop over to Shays at My tree is as floral as I was able to get this week but I'm sure Bronwyn will have something delightful at
Hubby and I are off to the camping and caravanning show now to drool over what we can't afford but we do have high hopes for winning the gorgeous camper up for grabs....wish us luck.
Happy friday and make yourself or someone else smile's free.
Blessings Michelle


  1. Hello Michelle,

    It is nice to have a favourite spot to sit and stitch. Good luck at the camper show.
    Happy days.

  2. Sounds like a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the birds.

  3. I love Jacarandas and Callistemon. I have so many planted in readiness for my day.

  4. I loved the sunshine today after the really really cold and grey yesterday.
    I have a couple of native trees right next to my verandah too, it's lovely being at the same height as the rosellas.

  5. Sorry I can't help with the sunshine I am looking for some for myself ;-0 Your little spot to sit looks very peaceful and lovely , I would also enjoy sitting and stitching or reading there . hugs Sheila

  6. You can go to the camping show and enjoy some dreams. Nothing wrong with that!

    Everyone should have a peaceful spot to sit and stitch and ponder. Even better if it's a sunny spot -I wouldnt know about that . It's freezing down South!

    Enjoy your weekend Michelle!

  7. Your verandah looks very inviting ... a lovely spot to stitch away your cares :)


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