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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lovely stitching day.

Sandra's yum "Caramel Meringue" cake
Clip Clop aka "Willie"
Ann's Cards
I've had a lovely day stitching with my friends at Sandra's Sandra is a devine cook and today we were treated to "Caramel Meringue" cake which I have provided a photo of for your enjoyment (no wait that was me).....YUM! My lovely friend Kay was completing little "Clip Clop" by Leanne Cornford in Handmade Vol 29 No 2 which for reasons known only to our group we have renamed  protective "Willie". Kay is making this dear little horsey person for her youngest little granddaughter and I think we all enjoyed the finishing process as much as Kay did. LOL! A great time was had by all....such special ladies to me!!
I have also tried to photograph Anns article in "Australian Cardmaking" Vol 17 no 5.  page 82. If you love making cards it's well worth a look. They are such pretty cards. I am so very proud of my clever friend and I'm sure this only the beginning. She is a very talented lady. Well done my friend!!!


  1. A day stitching with friends is blissful, and the yummy cake would made it even better.

  2. What a wonderful day spending it with good friends,you were spoilt with the cake and well done Ann

  3. What a joy stitching friends are. Especially if they are good cooks with yummy cake recipes!

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful day. That cake looks so yummy. Happy Stitching,

  5. Everything looks great, Wow that cake must have been delicious.R

  6. Love Willie. Is there something in his legs to help him to stand?
    Looks like you had a lovely day. Homemade cake - YUM, it's been too long!

  7. So much fun to stitch with friends and especially to enjoy a cake as yummy as this looks .The little Willie is adorable and your friend seems very talented . hugs Sheila

  8. I love days like that.... you can guess I think how much that cake means to me.....

  9. Congratulations to your friend!
    I find it fascinating, since blogging, how many people I "know" who are featured in publications. We used to think it was a big deal to get our names in the university paper.
    I like reading the little bit at the end where they say something about the author or creator.

  10. A day stitching with friends, good food, what else could you ask for....Willie is adorable!

  11. What a wonderful way to spend a day. I dont do it often enough because most of my RL friends are decidely uncrafty!

    Now I want cake for breakfast....


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