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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody

As we go through June every year My Grandmother is close in my thoughts as her Birthday was in June. She lived to be 94yrs  old and was loving, clever, humourous, courageous and a very big inspiration to myself and everyone who knew and loved her.  She was a beautiful needlewoman, cook and brillant gardener (I didn't get either of those genes)Soon after she died I wrote a poem about her and I would like to share it with you as she was a Treasure and to highlight that there is "great beauty to be found in the ordinary".

Her house was modest and simple in style, but you always wanted to linger awhile.
Inside comfy cushions nestled on old-fashioned chairs.
Her beautiful treasured china placed carefully here and there.
The rooms softly glowed from her tender loving care.
On the old polished sideboard the clocks lovely chime interrupts us and reminds us of time.

We laughed, cried, shared and drank gallons of tea, on her shady verandah under the poinciana tree.
She sat in her favourite chair surrounded by ferns and plants everywhere.
All warm hearts were welcome there.

The smell of home baking, jams and warm apple pie could make a hungry young girl sigh.
I loved to play with her gorgeous hat pins, threads, old lace and her old button tin.
She taught me the work of your hands is art and hence needle and thread are close to my heart.

She loved her garden, and could make fence posts sprout, a dear friends cutting was never left out.
She claimed Pink Carnations were what she loved best, but if you had seen her garden you'd have seen that  she loved all rest. I can still see her there bent over a row with one or two grandchildren in tow.

Her soft face, gentle voice and kind loving heart from other folk set her apart.
She told you she loved you and how clever you were...then she'd chuckle and say cheekily you probably
got that from her.

I miss her each and everyday and sometimes I hear her in the things that I say.
It's then that I smile as I  realise she never ever very far away.

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Blessings Michelle


  1. What a beautiful post dedicated to a beautiful person.

  2. Michelle you brought tears to my eyes , what a lovely poem to honor your cherished grandmother , you were so lucky to have had her in your life , she was a treasure and her memories continue to be a treasure . hugs Sheila

  3. How lovely Michelle.... people like our grandma's play an importan part in our lives...

  4. A gorgeous tribute Michelle xxx

  5. Beautiful Michelle. It could so easily be a poem about my mother, amazing similarities. These memories are what life is all about, the love, the warmth and the safety we felt surrounded by these dear and wonderful souls.

  6. Hello Michelle,

    Just beautiful, a great tribute. You make sure you have an extra special day.
    Happy days.

  7. Michelle, your beautiful poem made me tear up - I miss my own grandma too, fiercely - even after all these years. What a treasure your grandma must have been.

  8. ohh Michelle that is soo touching and beautiful

  9. What a lovely post Michelle. How wonderful is your poem and what a gorgeous Gran she must have been. I have been thinking a lot of my Nan lately ... this was very special xx

  10. A lovely post Michelle. Your poem shows how much your grandma has influenced you.
    I love the photo :)

  11. what an emotional post... so beautiful. Thankyou for sharing with us your wonderful poem x

  12. what a beautiful ode to a much loved grandmother.

  13. How lovely.
    I know she is smiling down on you daily.

  14. Michelle, that was absolutely beautiful.. I hope our grandchildren think as much of us as you did of her...xxxx

  15. That was a wonderful tribute! What a blessing she was in your life. xx


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