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Friday, February 14, 2020


My time has been spent of late trying to get my head around the borders on both my EPP projects. I tackled my clamshells quilt top first....appliquing it to the top border.
It went quite well, thank goodness!  And then the bottom and side borders.....arrggh! Let's just say I was under no illusion that the body of the quilt was hand stitched. I won't be inviting anyone to look closely at those bits! I counted, there are 917 clamshells in this quilt!
However this quilt is like me imperfect but with lots of good bits lol! The good bits were all the lovely friends who contributed reproduction type fabrics for me to add to it.....despite its flaws I shall always love this quilt......TA DA!

1797 is pinned on to its top brain needs a rest.
Block 2 of Flowerville is stitched....such gorgeous designs....loving them!
It's been a bit wet and wooly up here in the South East corner of late.....lots of local flooding....we definitely are a land of drought and flooding rains!
Take care out there.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xx


  1. Well done, Michelle! We've had plenty of rain lately, but nowhere near as much flooding as you folks "up there" have had.

  2. Lovely finish and a great memory quilt for you..
    Pretty stitched block..
    Yes it is a land of drought and flooding plains. No rain here.

  3. The clam shells look fine to me. Lovely to see the borders on.
    Yes, the rain is causing a fair bit of grief. Lots falling here, too, but thankfully not the extremes you are experiencing.

  4. Wow, applique borders on two pieced quilts all at once! You can do it Michelle :) Flowerville is looking really pretty too. Happy Valentine's Day xxx

  5. Beautiful. Happy Valentine's Day

  6. Love, love love your clamshell Michelle, interesting how they claim a bit of your heart! Mine is very special to me too. Well done with the borders, mine was a challenge too. Your stitchery is beautiful. We have had rain here too, luckily no flooding, although some areas have been hit hard in Melbourne . This country gives us such contrasts doesn't it!!

  7. 1797 looks wonderful.
    Congrats on adding those pesky borders...xox

  8. Every time I see your clam shell quilt reminds me that I have one lurking about unfinished. Guess I'll have to add it to my List of Six projects when I roll the dice again

  9. your clam quilt is a piece of art... I can imagine the fabric does move a bit so adding borders would be a challenge... looks like you did a great job though.... Flowerville block is gorgeous.... so fun watching it grow.... lots of rain though we are enjoying a bit of sun and so are the weeds....

  10. Isn't it always the way??? one side is great . . then - oh well we will admire from a distance! if you insist, although I'm sure its lovely even up close.

  11. Oh your clamshells looks perfect from here Michelle [just like its maker :-)]. Wow that's a lot of handsewing! Such a pretty Flowerville block. Crazy weather - but you'll be glad, overall I guess, that there's been rain.

  12. Wow oh wow. I love it. You have done a fantastic job. Love the new block. The weather is....well it's all beautiful and green. Keep enjoying your stitching.x

  13. Your hard work paid off its a beauty. I have a hard time on regular borders. You did a great job on this.

  14. It has been rather wet and wild weather down here too. Loooooove your clams! Gee, your were quick stitching the borders.


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