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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Beenleigh Quilters Quilt Show

Yesterday I had a prearranged meet up with my friend FIONA from Bubzrugz at Beenleigh Quilters Quilt Show. It's quite close to where I seemed perfect for a catchup. A lovely surprise when a mutual friend of ours Robyn popped off the bus too.....
There were some lovely quilts on show. Here's a couple I snapped.

We were gobsmacked at the size of this Splendid Sampler quilt! The maker had added other blocks special to her.....we some we didn't remember.

Loved these swans and cute!

Cute penguins too....
We found this one interesting with the strips of bias sewn across the top of the blocks.

Pretty stitchery...
And a couple more....

I thought these "hands off" signs were cute....

I am notoriously bad at 'selfies and nothing improved with my efforts yesterday. LOL!
So good to have friends you can be silly with! After a lovely cuppa and delicious homemade goodies we checked out the traders stalls....just a few but.....
I did bring a few bits of loot home.....some lovely bee themed words fabric and some precut squares for my Yoko Saito quilt (yes it is still happening)
Footnote: I made the finish line for my May Postcards....yes!
Thanks for hanging in there.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.....I am chopping clamshells and drawing up more Postcards.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Such lovely quilts......thank you for taking us along, Michelle!

  2. Beautiful quilts. Love the fabric. Have fun with the precuts.

  3. Nothing better than meeting up with like minded friends at a quilt show.Thanks for sharing the gorgeous quilts..I counted the SS blocks and there are 133 sew lots more.. Nice little pick up at the show,,
    Great to keep up with the post cards..
    Have fun with the clams..

  4. What a great collection of quilts. The splendid sampler looks amazing and I especially love the blue and white one towards the end. xx

  5. Wow, such a bunch of lovely quilts!Each so different and so special... I'm bad at taking selfies too - you did quite well! xx

  6. I haven't been 2 a quilt show in years. Thanks for letting me tagalong. Loved the cute hands off signs.

  7. Visiting a quilt show with friends, a great way to spend the day!

  8. Thanks for sharing the show with us, there are lots of beautiful quilts there. Always fun to take some photos with friends. Great loot and the postcards are lovely.

  9. It was such a fun day... friends, quilts, fabric, food … what else??? Can you see the error on the blue star quilt... I only noticed it in the photo.. not that it matters - its still a lovely quilt. Photos always give a bit of a different perspective...

  10. Some really gorgeous quilts there Michelle - makes my head spin to see so many beauties. Love the animal heads one especially. I am bad at taking selfies too ... can never get it right - at least you don't chop heads off like I do !!!

  11. what a lovely place to catch up. Gorgeous quilts but I have to say my favourite is the blue and white Gossip in the garden!! It's stunning!
    love your postcards and the personal touches you add.

  12. It looks like a really lovely show Michelle, and so cool that you could spend it with friends :-) Nice that you were able to do a wee but of shopping too. Well done with the postcards - I love those personal touches of yours.

  13. The Splendid sampler blocks seem to float. All beautiful quilts. Lovely to see friends too!

  14. GOrgeOus quilts on show...AnD lovely to spend time with friends. Very much enjoying your postcard journey...xox


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