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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Bears Almost There

The last pair of Bears are Bearyl and Nutmeg.....
Bearyl looks a bit travel weary lol!
I have another little piece to stitch before I put it together.
I drew this postcard before I ever thought of doing the "other " Postcards! I think eventually I shall be postcards out!
The fabric I bought is quite busy but I loved it, which surprised me as I am definitely NOT a novelty fabric kind of girl! I am hoping to bring it altogether with a pretty cinnamon spot.
It just seemed to fit the travelling bears.....and was a little bit vintage looking.
I feel satisfied that progress is being made to get it crossed off the UFO CHALLENGE list.
I have a birthday coming up next month and will be away when it happens. My very nice hubby surprised me with an early birthday gift (he didn't expect to arrive this early lol!)
The gift.....a subscription to Australian Geographic a magazine that I love and 2 coffee mugs featuring the gorgeous artwork by Nathan FERLAZZO also an artist I really admire.....
Sooo  talented!
We are still damp and drizzly here today so I feel a cuppa and some quiet stitching is the order of the day. Perhaps some Clamshells stitching as I am a little "beared" out!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Im loving your bears Michelle....such fun with that fabric...I'm with you - not really a novelty print lover but with the travel theme and that cinnamon spot....just perfect! You have a keeper there.....good hubby! xox

  2. Oh love the bears. They are too cute. I think it will go together beautifully. Nice weatherfor stitching. X

  3. Your novelty fabric really hits the spot with your bears, Michelle!

  4. Love your bears. I have some of that novelty fabric. :) Lovely birthday gift from hubby. Hugs,xx

  5. Happy early birthday, such wonderful gifts chosen by your hubby. More pretty bears stitched, now to put them together.

  6. Your bears look lovely surrounded by that fabric. It is funny how we can surprise ourselves sometimes and great that we can go with it. Often the best choice. Happy early birthday! Enjoy snuggling beneath your clam project.

  7. your bears are so sweet and look perfect with that fabric.... lovely gifts from Mr R …. lucky you...

  8. The bears look wonderful, Mr R did well, beautiful birthday present . Enjoy those clamshells.

  9. Love the early birthday gifts, so thoughtful. The stitchings are looking great.

  10. who doesn't love a good bear?

  11. Oh I love your bears Michelle!! The background fabric does work - very pretty in a bold way :-) Well done to Mr R on your birthday gift - you get longer to enjoy them since they've arrived nice and early! Hope you enjoyed your clamshell time xx

  12. Beryl is a sweetie...and I like the chosen fabric too...xox

  13. Your bears are just gorgeous! So much work, but so worth it! Lovely to get an early birthday pressie! xx


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