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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Back on the Air

Hello lovely people. I am back on deck. I am feeling a lot better and apart from a bit of a bark still things are looking up. As I was laid pretty low not a lot of sewing to show you.
When I got over the worst of it I did work on my Clamshells....very slowly! It was nice to lie under it and stitch at the same time.
I was able to join the girls for Sunday Stitchers this month and you guessed it worked on my Clamshells lol!
As it was my UFO CHALLENGE I had progress to show.....
It has definitely grown!
We had 2 birthday girls.....Maria
And Cheryl....
We were a bit short on numbers but the girls still managed some pretties to admire...Susan's Jelly roll race x 2, Marilyn had finished her pretty Funky Flowers and Cheryls wonderful kiddies quilt.

Maria wowed us with her beautiful throw, Marilyn has renewed her love of crochet with this lovely rug in  progress and Helen's very cute pin cushion trio.
Sandi phoned hers in.....cute...very cute!
Our UFO CHALLENGE NO this month is
Which for me is working on some Bear Stitcheries...
We had a lovely day despite being a small group. So that's about it from me. I am off to have a cuppa and enjoy some of this cute little fruit's a shame to cut it!
My Son gave it to me.....a gift from a fundraising event he spoke at for Smiling for Smiddy cancer research. Luckily for me he doesn't like fruitcake lol!
Take care,
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. So pleased you are feeling better Michelle - I have had it too & its not pleasant. Your clamshells are looking great. That fruit cake looks rather delish xx

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Lots of lovely quilts on show here!

  3. Glad you are feeling a bit better....the Sunday projects were really terrific....a talented bunch.

  4. Lovely quilts, Michelle......and good to hear that you are feeling better!

  5. Glad to hear you are feeling much better Michelle :-) Lovely quilts at show and tell - including your Gorgeous clamshells - beautiful! Hope you enjoyed the fruitcake!

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Your clamshells are looking wonderful. Hugs,xx

  7. Good to have you feeling so much better... really knocks you down doesn't it? Clamshells is looking wonderful - it's going to be amazing and so much work. Always lovely to see the show and tell and sometimes its quite fun being a smallish group and hearing all the chat...

  8. Glad that you are feeling a lot better Michelle.
    I hope you EnJoYeD the cake too... xox

  9. Yum, fruit cake with icing!! Childhood favourite!! So good to hear you are feeling better, hope the bark goes soon. Lovely show and tell from your Sunday group. Your clamshells are looking fantastic 😍😍

  10. Good to hear that you are recovering well and yes, your clamshells definitely have grown, looking gorgeous. Lovely work from all your friends - Marias throws are amazing aren't they! Enjoy the cake. xx

  11. Lovely work all round. Hope you enjoyed the cake.. looked yummy. Glad you are on the mend.

  12. Great you are feeeling so much better... nice to have been able to go to Sunday Stitchers and enjoy birthday cake for two ladies , chatting , stitching and seeing all the lovely project they all worked .
    Cute Teddy Bear 🐻 stitchery for your No 7 ...
    Bet the little fruit cake was delicious 😋

  13. Lovely to see you back happy and healthy. Love those clams and some lovely projects at your group. Enjoy the cake.

  14. Hi Michelle, so pleased you are feeling better. Love love your clamshells.
    Your friends also have been busy with their projects. Think it's great having ufo challengers great feeling when you finally finish the item. Take care xxx

  15. Glad to hear you are better.
    Your clamshells are gorgeous.
    love seeing what crafty loveliness you all are doing.

  16. Wow Michelle , that's a lot of clamshells! They look great x

  17. Glad you are feeling better :-), just as well, you clamshells are running away! ;-) - looking great :-)


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