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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Clamshells and Bits

Here are at Thursday again....what happened to Monday?
I have spent my stitching time working on my Clamshells and doing the prep work for my next postcards.....all drawn up, traced and waiting for the needle and thread.
I am not preparing anymore as I want to save some for an upcoming holiday.
I have been basting lots of clamshells...
 And I am very happy to have just pinned on Row 33!
Even unpressed there is something very joyful about looking at all those rows of lovely clamshells.....
 Yesterday I called in at a Patchwork shop near our stitching day catchup to buy some smaller and out I told lingering or stroking fabrics!
Hmmmm! Fell in love with these.....
And....they weren't really random purchases....I needed some more clamshell fabrics and I had been looking for a suitable border fabric for my Travelling Ted's stitcheries forEVER! That's my story and I am sticking to it!
We had a very nice catchup....huge laughs (But we can't divulge the topic lol!) and delicious food....Thank you Moira xx
I did stitch....I made more clamshells.
This week we celebrated another important birthday....our youngest Grandson.
It's tough when it's a school day but cake and candles help kick off the celebrations....
There is nothing lovelier than a child and a birthday cake 💖
Close your eyes footy haters!
And great to wake up this morning knowing that My Footy Team made a good showing in the 1st game in The State of Origin series....
Woohoo!! More of the same will be very nice thank you!
Have a lovely day!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. It's always NiCe to bring home 'much needed" xox

  2. Your clamshells are looking stunning Michelle. Happy birthday to that young man. Its just dreadful when you go into a patchwork shop & come out with more than you intended!!! I never, ever do that !!!!! (wink)

  3. Oooh, a trip coming up! Nice. Great fabric purchases - why not. xx

  4. Lovely clamshells. I can see why you enjoy making them. Happy birthday to your very handsomd grandson.

  5. What gorgeous fabric! Love your clamshells.....they are coming along beautifully.

  6. Your clam shells are quite a project and oh so lovely. Row 33, that's something to be very proud of :)
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  7. So enjoying your clamshell progress, your new fabrics look wonderful. Happy birthday to your grandson.

  8. One of my yet to be listed UFOs is a clamshell top, started goodness knows when. Guess I should get it out and start working on it again.

  9. your clamshells quilt is just delicious... so lovely and a lot of time and work gone into it. When you see just the right fabric for a project or two it needs to come home... or it goes to someone elses! happy birthday to the young man and even I got excited when those maroon tries started up! Now I am wondering what you stitchers were talking about!!! hmmm

  10. Catch up reading this morning Michelle. I love your clamshells - oh so tempting to start one but I Must be Strong :-) Lovely shopping - you justify your need and spend well! I hope your GS had a lovely birthday.


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