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Friday, December 7, 2018

Slow Stitching

I seem to be taking 'slow stitching ' to a whole new level. Only doing a little at night if I feel like it.....and mainly 1797 Revisted.
So the blue row is slowly being added.
I am quite liking the unhurried sewing of this project. It is very blowly and quite cool here today so I am aiming to take the opportunity and give my clamshells some love.
It is getting quite big now 25 rows and is a bit hot and heavy in the weather we have had to work on much except for basting new clamshells....and they are piling up.

Yesterday I was invited to a special breakfast for volunteers at my Grandchildrens school. You may remember I did some demonstrating at their art fair.
Lots of lovely thank you notes from the students.

I enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Had time for a snap with Mrs B. (my daughter )
And a chocolate crossiant may or may not have been smuggled out for my youngest Granddaughter lol! It's Nana and E's secret!
It was very nice and lovely to chat to some of the hard working teachers......and my goodness they are so hard working. They do go above and beyond!
I hope you have all had a good week and enjoy the upcoming weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Good morning my lovely friend,its very blowy here and really hot like in the low 30's ,there is a big bushfire burning at Bunniyong can you remember where i took you to the button shop,the fire isnt far from there.
    Love pic of you and your lovely daughter,yes teachers are a very special breed of people just like nurses and Dr's.Lovely work my friend,lol think i am slower then you ,hope your day is a good one,Namaste and blessing my friend xx

  2. It's lovely to be appreciated, isn't it? We don't volunteer for the kudos, but just the same it's good to know that giving your time can make a difference. Very pretty fabrics, your projects are coming along beautifully!

  3. I think it is delightful for the school and the students to acknowledge their volunteers. It would be a struggle without them.
    Make the most of the cooler days for stitching - they will be few and far between for the next few months.

  4. good idea to stash up on basted clams for when it cools down again.... Lovely to have that appreciative breakfast ( I would have snuck out treats too!! )

  5. It is really taking shape with all those rows of hexagon stitching. The clam shells look great too. How lovely to be invited to school and having all those thank you notes. Happy stitching :)

  6. You have been busy Michelle. Those quilts will be finished in no time. How lovely to be invited to the school breakfast, and Hi to DD and your sweet Grandie too xx

  7. I have been basting 1797 hexies this evening Michelle while keeping half an eye on the TV. Nice and soothing after a busy day. How lovely to have a thank you breakfast. xx

  8. Loving your hexies. The school breakfast would have been fun. I hope it isn't too hot to stitch.

  9. How very nice to get a thankyou from the school, hope the smuggling was successful! Loving the hexies and the clam shells.


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