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Friday, December 21, 2018


Early this week my trusty tablet leapt out of my hands and smashed onto the tiles where I was having lunch....
We have experienced so much together lol! Santa's little elf could not stand the miserable face and so I now have a new tablet friend but alas it is taking a little while to get used to its own ways of doing things. Hence I am a bit behind in posting and sharing.
Beautiful mail has come to me.
From my dear friend Fiona....A lovely card and gorgeous beautifully stitched.
And bright and early this morning from friend Karen, a beautiful card and the sweetest pear it! Love the card too.
Thanks so much ladies......straight on the tree lol!
I have been drawing rather than stitching but I have a special project I want done for just after Christmas. A quilt for my dear niece....A girl who has overcome a fair few obstacles to forge on and succeed. She is almost through her nursing degree and she is always supportive and encouraging of my handiwork....She doesn't read my blog so my secret is safe.
So binding is being stitched on under the aircon...

A little sneaky of one of the blocks.....beautifully quilted by FIONA of BUBZRUGZ
I will share when I am done as it deserves lots more photos.

My Christmas wish has been granted early.....our Son has another clear scan under his belt and is now finished 2 years of immunotherapy for stage 4 Melanoma which had progressed to his lung....It has been very gruelling for him and for us......It is awful seeing your child go through something like this....We are very proud of his courage....and we feel very blessed that he is fortunate to have had success with this treatment.
One very happy Mama here. So he has his treasured yellow card.....scans every 12 weeks still and we pray for continued good health.

I think that's me all caught up now. It's going to be a very warm day today so after a trip to the trusty hairdresser I think I am going to be relaxing with my binding in the aircon.
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What great news for Lucas - a great Christmas present!

  2. well there can't be a better pressie than Lucas's yellow card... just so wonderful I can't help being a bit teary! A new tablet is also good news but it's a bit sad you threw the other one on the floor! Happy binding in your flash hair do!


  3. Great news about your son's good health news, what a wonderful family Christmas present to you all. May the scans continue to remain clear.

  4. Such good news about your son, just in time for Christmas! Bugger about the tablet, it always takes a bit of getting used to a new one, doesn't it?

  5. Wonderful news for Lucas and all the family. Couldn't get a better Christmas gift...
    Sweet ornies in the post..

  6. Hi Michelle wow that's the best gift of all,well done Lucas you are an inspiration to many,that's the best news ever.
    Love the beautiful gift you have made for your niece .
    What a bummer about your iPad and we have matching decorations,lol,they are beautiful,happy weekend my friend xx

  7. Pretty ornament from Fiona and I am loving the sneaky peak of your gift quilt. Such good news for Lucas and you all, I am so happy for you. xx

  8. That is wonderful news about your dear son, and lots of prayers that he continues with good results. You poor you with your tablet. Love your gifts, some very clever people out there. Cant wait to see your nieces quilt, love the birdie block on it. Take care, Guida.

  9. Dear Michelle, what wonderful news about Lucas for you all, and a perfect Christmas gift. Love your new ornaments, and there is always room on the tree for one more. That little red quilted bird is a real charmer! Happy Christmas! xxx

  10. I'm so happy for your son's great news. I lost my son last year to colon cancer. I understand the pain you have gone through as his mother. It's something no mother should have to go through. Let's CURE cancer!!!

    1. Thank you so much Nancy. I am so sorry for your loss....It is a dreadful disease. We definitely must keep on supporting research xxx

  11. Oh that is fabulous news on your son, that would have been my only Christmas wish too. Love all your projects, happy stitching on the binding :) x

  12. That is the best news ever regards your son Michelle. So sorry to read of your broken tablet. Yes new devices always take some getting used to. Lovely decorations received from friends ... I love my handmade decorations so much & think of the folk that gifted them to me. Happy weekend Michelle.

  13. Oh dear! That is why I still haven't bought a new tablet for myself. They are different now and one needs to relearn everything. Congratulations re your dear son. It must be such a beautiful relief for you as well as he and his family. May the year a head bring all good news. The quilt is looking beautiful from the little peek. Have a lovely Christmas filled with an abundance of all great things. Angel hugs and blessings.

  14. Fantastic news about Lucas! Hoping the year coming brings nothing but good news for him and his family. Lovely decorations , hope you have the new tablet under control soon.

  15. Love hearing your good news. That is far more important than anything else that is going on.


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