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Monday, November 5, 2018

Very Late FNWF and Arty Weekend

I am very late posting my efforts last Friday evening. I had a very busy day Friday and and even busier weekend which you can read about *HERE*
As I was overdue in finishing my October Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks which happened to be DARK GREEN, I stitched my 4 circle blocks.....
The last 2 months of the year are your own choice or finishing friend Lorel and I are still deciding.....hmmmm?
So apart from some basting for my next row for 1797 Revisted, not much stitching has happened.
Our weekend in Brisbane was quite steamy and hot so I went out early on Sunday to get a nice relaxed walk in before the exhibition opened for the day and the heat set in....such a lovely place......thought you may like a wander with me....I love the Japanese Gardens....
Beautiful reflections.....

Cool running water tripping over the sound.

A little resident startled me....
Another favourite for me in the gardens are the sculptures dotted throughout.....I adore this little group of Aussies.....reminding us that this used to be their home!
I love the Butterfly Chasers amidst the Agapanthus in bloom.
The hugging chair as my kids called it and the  Stargazer always make me smile.
I love the interesting blooms and plants...

Down by the Lagoon was already bright with sunshine and heat.

The iconic Dome of the hothouse is visible from lots of areas in the garden....alas I was a little short on time to visit this time.
These gardens and this area we call Mt Cootha is an oasis and paradise just 10kms from the city centre. A haven for wildlife particularly Powerful Owls, Koalas and all manner of birds and reptiles. I have enjoyed this place since I was a young child with my family. The very idea that they are proposing a zipline....7 to be exact from the summit through our nature belt to these gardens fills me with anger and despair.....access to the summit and beautiful walks and picnic areas will be effected. Won't it be enjoyable to picnic with people flying overhead....NOT!
Anyway I shall hop off my soapbox and look forward to visiting the Gardens again next weekend for the Queensland Wildlife Artist's Society Exhibition in the Auditorium.....may even squeeze in another wander.
If you are out and about call's a beautiful exhibition.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a beautiful park! I hope you can keep it as is without zip lines.

  2. thanks for the walk around the gardens... it's been a while since we went there.... well done on getting any stitching done!

  3. repeating Fiona - thanks for the virtual walk through. I must admit I don't venture over there often but the idea of the zip lines also saddens me..stay on the shouldn't be allowed to happen.

  4. Oh you have been busy. Tks for the lovely pics.

  5. It could also end up like the Skyrail in Kuranda or the zip line at Currumbin Wildlife park, which both are amazing.

  6. Those gardens are so beautiful Michelle - thank you. xx

  7. Fabulous photos! We have been to Mt Cootha on a sight seeing bus tour but didn't have the time to get out and explore. Love those animal sculptures.

  8. Great circles and thanks formthe tour of the gardens, a zip line sounds like a shocker of a idea!!

  9. Love your circles & fabrics for your next 1797 row. Lovely walk through the gardens, thanks for showing us. Hugs,xx

  10. With all that you have been doing I am surprised you had time for stitching.

  11. What a lovely country!! I specially love the animal sculptures :) xx

  12. Gorgeous photos of a great place..

  13. You've had a busy time Michelle - it's nice that you got to spend some peaceful time out in the gardens. After all your beautiful photos I cant believe they are proposing a Zipline (or 7) there!! Crazy. I love those butterfly catchers - what fun!!

  14. Gorgeous pics of the beautiful gardens Michele... xox

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  16. Hi Michelle beautiful gardens,such a peaceful place to go to,love your work,well done.

  17. Your circles are perfect . . . I am afraid to even try a circle. I'm afraid mine would turn out like little blobs, LOL. I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog and want to invite you to visit mine. I enjoy making new friends.
    It's lovely too, seeing your gardens starting to bloom, just as our lawns are covered in early frost.
    Your newest follower,
    Connie :)


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