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Thursday, November 29, 2018


Well I have been making a list and checking it twice......and I am very happy to have put the last stitches in my secret sewing......can show you only a teeny peek.
With the comfort of cool air con I have stitched down lots of binding...
"Blessings " too.....
Apart from the backing fabric. Blessings was made from my stash. Even the large amount of background and border fabric I had stashed for another project and changed my binding wise I decided that using left over strips from all the scallops fabrics would continue the scrappy look.....
Chose another doiley from Gaye's bundle (2 more left) for my label....
Just need to write on it now. And here is "Blessings" complete!
How I adore this gorgeous design by Aussie designer Robyn Falloon. I am thrilled with my version. It was a joy to definitely a blessing!
Another blessing arrived from Shez.....the cutest Christmas decoration and lovely card.....
Thank you my friend.....I love it! How spoilt am I!
After a bit of hectic time of late I was determined to retreat from the world last weekend and have a very quiet time.....something I know about myself is whilst I love being out and about, I really have to have lots of quiet down time if I am going to function well. I need dreaming time, journal time and lots of time to reflect quietly. Part of my delicious relaxation was to read from cover to cover this wonderful book.....
A true story...or memoir written by Alice Greenup. A beautifully written tale of life on a cattle property in Queenland, a love story and an insight into just how relentless that life on the land can be.....amazing folk! Don't think for a minute this is a dry and dusty tale (although there is plenty of dust lol) I guess most things created from the heart are full of life. I throughly recommend this book!
My relaxation time was definitely enchanced by a good old you need quiet time to gather your thoughts or let them go or are you a busy bee that thrives that's so interesting that we all are different and have different needs.
So lots of nice slow stitching for me now that I have met my self imposed deadlines.
Hopefully more on 1797 Revisted and more on "Wings"......
Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your Blessings looks just soooo beautiful Michelle! LoVe it! Your ornie from Shez is gorgeous too. That book looks interesting ... I will put it on my to-read list. I definately need quiet down time & can feel my body craving it at the moment as I feel overwhelmed with all I still have to finish.

  2. Your quilt is lovely, cute label too, I love using doiley's for labels too. Well with this list making I hope you are not on a naughty list?? :-)

  3. Your blessings quilt is just beautiful. Well done on using just your stash! I need to learn this skill ;-)

  4. How lovely to have the air con going while you stitch. Sure makes a difference.
    Blessings looks wonderful. That is a delightful finish. Lovely work.
    Enjoy your reading.I followed up on your recommendation from a while back - Graham Norton. I couldn't get the one you read but did get the previous one - and loved it - thanks!

  5. Your quilt is stunning. Yes downtime is a must for me too and reading is the perfect anti-stress remedy before going to sleep. Take care, Guida.

  6. Blessings looks fantastic - beautiful Fiona quilting, as to be expected and I love the srappy border. Great job Michelle. What a pretty gift from Shez. xx

  7. Blessings is stunning Michelle, well done on the finish and on using just your stash. Beautiful decoration from Shez. I need quiet time too, book reading always gives that. Thatbook looks interesting.

  8. Blessing looks fabulous. Love the colours. Hugs,xx

  9. some beautiful finishes there Michelle and isn't it such a good feeling stitching that binding on? Shez really is such a special friend...what a lovely gift to receive! have the best day xox

  10. looking forward to seeing your secret stitching revealed.... Blessings looks so lovely when you see the whole thing in a picture... the colours are just perfect together. I have downloaded that book to listen to while I stitch (my kind of reading!).

  11. Hi Michelle oh i wonder what your secret sewing is,it looks very pretty. Love your blessings quilt,it is a work of art but in fabric,well done my friend.

  12. Love the new header ,, How cutes the wee Hedgehog?
    Beautiful finishes and sneak peek at the secret sewing.
    Love mine "me time" too and the book looks great.
    Lovely card and ornie from Shez..

  13. That quilt is absolutely stunning and was made with much love. You always find amazing books to read. Enjoy.

  14. Crossing a lot of things off your lists - maybe one day I can just sit & read ...but too many things happening in my life to be able to tune out.


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